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Decisions and Responsibility

By Rushgal, published on Jul 13, 2010

The outcome was going to be the same no matter what I did... in one respect. In another respect, the outcome was greatly influenced by my actions. You see, I saw the truth, and acted on it. But my actions put me in a predicament in which I felt the need to lie.

Where does one draw the line with respect to ethical conduct? I knew that loyalty to my superior in this situation was the same as looking away and doing nothing when another is in need. Could I live with myself had I not done what I thought was right?

Definitely not.

I suppose I should have been completely honest.... (more)

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Leaving a Judicial Footprint: California Family Law

By Rushgal, published on Mar 31, 2010

Most Americans are likely effected to some degree by family law, whether personally or through a friend, and probably unaware of the Elkin's Family Law Task Force. I recently addressed the Elkin's Family Law Task Force, a group appointed by the California Judicial Council to review family law proceedings and recommend proposals that will increase access to justice, ensure due process, and provide for more effective and consistent rules, policies, and procedures. Conducted in the formal Judicial Council Conference Room, it was intimidating. Nervous and limited to three minutes, my voice was... (more)

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