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The Who and Why of Immigration

By Rowan, published on Oct 2, 2006

The history of immigration in Southern California is quite interesting, and shows just how arbitrary the concerns of nationalism are. The first "illegal immigrants" to cross the border in this part of the world were in fact U.S. citizens, and they were going against a bill which made it illegal for them to cross into Mexico. Originally, when the first U.S. citizens came west into the land of Mexico, they were there as outsiders trying to fit in. They accepted the customs of the land, and settled down to become a part of the culture around them. These first settlers were treated cordially... (more)

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Criminal Justice. Protecting and Serving whom?

By Rowan, published on Oct 2, 2006

History of Criminal Justice Philosophies in the United States At the turn of the last century, the prison system in the United States was seen as both a punishment and a deterrent and normally used hard labor to enforce those ideals. A criminal activity was seen purely as something that needed to be punished with relatively no thought to the reasons behind the crime (poverty, broken homes, lack of education, etc.). There was a high rate of recidivismhowever, and so other solutions were sought for.

In the 1930's psychology became a respected field of academia and the general population... (more)

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Sweatshops in L.A.

By Rowan, published on Oct 2, 2006

Sweatshops To understand the fact that sweatshops exist even in Los Angeles, one must understand the apparel industry system. And to understand the system, one must understand the players, so I will introduce you to the players from the top down. The Top of the System At the very top of the system are both the customer and the retailer. These two entities battle for control of the other, and create an interesting situation. The customer is you and me, and the retailer is the company that attempts to convince you and me that we need their clothing more than any other retailers’ clothing,... (more)

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