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By rosenvegas, published on Oct 8, 2011

Everywhere you look. Deception is present. There are no more honest people in the world. Or can people just not handle the honesty? Some people prefer the honest truth while others want things sugar coated. Most people don't however, stick with the truth.

Doctors are entrusted with our lives and keeping us healthy. But doctors can not make a living off healthy patients. Now there are those doctors that will not abuse this and keep things reasonable, they make sure there is some reason to be concerned that cannot be explained any other way. While others will tkae the first sign... (more)



By rosenvegas, published on Oct 7, 2011

I have not healed.

Haunted by the past.

Plagued by emotions.

Wounds not attended to.

Warmth knocks at my hearts door.

Hinges frozen with fear.

Skepticism killing hopes.

Insecurity limiting growth.

Smiles brought through laughter,

Wiped out as negativity surfaces.

Efforts result in defeat.

Two steps forward,

Three steps back.




By rosenvegas, published on Jul 28, 2011

i ask for kindness.

i ask for mercy.

i ask you to help my heart stop aching.

how easily you deny me.

so i close my heart.

place the walls to protect.

for it is not safe to love.

pretending i feel no pain.

placing a smile upon my face.

a mask to hide the pain.

i deserve no trust.

no softness, no caress.

nothing to believe that i'm valued.


or desired.

does it matter?

do i care?

not anymore.

for my heart has closed.




By rosenvegas, published on Jul 22, 2011

I'm crushed.

Should have seen it coming.

Your hunger too strong.

Appetite too large.

Should have known you couldn't be satisfied.

I offer a home cooked meal.

You prefer the buffet.

From the depths of my soul,

I know what needs to be done.

But from the bottom of my heart,

I can not.

I am I really not enough?

Is this pattern in my life ever going to end?

Should I accept this is the best life has for me?

That there is no escaping?

Escaping this constant ache.

Feeling of inadequacy? Foolishness?

... (more)



By rosenvegas, published on Jul 21, 2011

The other day I heard a grown son and his father argueing. The arguement turned physical and the police were called out to intervene. I remember a discussion I had with that father just moments prior, where we were discussing our "grown" children and his opinion that you can't change who a person is. I wasn't quite sold on his opinion so I offered mine. I believe if you offer choices and explain the consequences/benefits of each choice to a person/child, they will make the right choice more times than not. But then, I have only used this with my soon to be 7 year old and some managers, not... (more)


Expected Failure

By rosenvegas, published on Jul 8, 2011

She cries alone, so no one will see.

Screams to release the heartache within her.

Mascara burning her eyes, running down her face.

Overcome with disappointment, heartache.

The utter exhaustion of hopelessness.

Reality sets in.

Accomplishments line her office.

Ranked amongst the best.

Beat the odds and rose to success,

At work, with family, and personally.

Was it sufficient? No, not ever.

Turned her back on those undeserving,

Focused on creating her life,

Only to find the same disappointment

Repeating... (more)


Using Religion....Pathetic.

By rosenvegas, published on Jun 7, 2011

I have tried very hard to avoid this topic. But today I'm quite heated and therefore cannot control my urge to vent. First and foremost, I am NOT a religious person. I believe in a higher power, most of you have a name for this higher power. For simplicity's sake, lets call this higher power God. I have tried over the years to find decent people who are involved with some religion and have failed....MISERABLY. Therefore, I have nothing positive to say about the topic. Except it means well, but fails miserable at its intentions. Hence the statement, "Religion is flawed because man is flawed."

... (more)


Guys vs. Girls

By rosenvegas, published on Jun 7, 2011

I have many friends. GUY friends. As for girls? Well, I have girl friends, but I hang out and enjoy a guys company more. So whats the difference? HA! Lets see shall we. First let me comments refer to most girls...not all. Some fo us are actually well rounded and fun.

Guys are less serious and can just BS. You can say stupid things you don't really mean whole heartedly and get away with it. But with he ladies you'll have to endure a nice lecture if you get out of line. Man, I wasn't serious. It was just for entertainment purposes!

Ladies, lets face it, we too check out... (more)


Favorite Quotes

By rosenvegas, published on Jun 1, 2011

Life brings about many situations one can learn from. What you learn and whether you apply it in the future is soley ones choice. Sometimes it helps to have some guidance...reminders of those lessons to refer back to and get you through life.

Quotes have always served a purpose in my life. Some provide inspiration, others hope. While others bring a laugh and a sense of humor to lifes imperfections. So enjoy as I share some of my favorites.

Everyone of us has dated or been involved with someone whom we thought was just the cream of the crop. Perhaps even out of our league... (more)


20, 30, 40 Something First Dates...I've lost count.

By rosenvegas, published on May 23, 2011

Internet dating sites are amazing, annoying, entertaining, misleading, well disguised hook up sites. Originally designed to create an opportunity for single people to meet. Designed for the lazy, timid, unsocial, busy single person. A close similarity to its ancestor, the personal ads, but with pictures and much more information and efficiency. You can talk to 13 people at once if you want to! Holy smokes! Here you place your best photos, and I assure you, some of us are just photogenic. So a tip for future internet daters, avoid the fuzzy, out of focus picture, there is a reason its fuzzy!... (more)


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