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Series - We The People - International Tribunal New Orleans #14

By Rose Mountain, published on Sep 2, 2007

Breaking News-An international tribunal now in New Orleans on human rights abuses in Hurricanes Katrina & Rita with shocking interviews below from experts and judges,plus Red Cross stole money from Katrina victims,and they've been ridding New Orleans of black people and poor people before & after Katrina, plus more New Orleans update interviews by Democracy Now which airs on local public TV stations. BBC News journalist Greg Palast talked to a state emergency hurricane expert turned whistleblower who said the White House and FEMA knew when New Orleans levees had been breached but told... (more)


Series - We The People - Congress Must Impeach #11

By Rose Mountain, published on Aug 20, 2007

We The People across America must call our Congress members to remind them of their oath of office which requires them to defend the US Constitution, We The People must remind or inform our Congress members that the evidence to impeach is shocking in content and massive in quantity. Congress members who have the evidence realize the urgency to defend the US Constitution but many in Congress still don't know or don't want to know the evidence so We The People must tell them, for impeachment requires a 2/3 majority of the US House of Representatives, then it's up to the Senate of Congress to... (more)


Series - We The People - Cheney Scammed Calif #10

By Rose Mountain, published on Aug 8, 2007

This article reveals the shocking investigative report "Cheney Suppressed Evidence in Calif Energy Crisis" 7/19/07 by Jason Leopold of

This article will also provide the larger context in which to view these events. Leopold's information comes from federal whistleblowers and documents, etc. Leopold is a former Los Angeles Bureau Chief for Dow Jones Newswire, expert on energy policy and Calif's energy crisis, appeared on NPR,CNBC,etc. Leopold's article below cites the chronology of events with vivid detail and reveals the relationships between the Bush Admin and the companies... (more)


Series - We The People - Censored Responses to Bush#9

By Rose Mountain, published on Aug 2, 2007

Since 2000/01 the Bush Administraion has attacked every whistleblower that made it into the US media--yet there are countless millions of citizens in the US & world; groups like Amnesty International; workers in every branch and department of the US Government; and hundreds of US & UK high-level whistleblowers that never made it into the US news, and their numbers continue to multiply.

In March 2003 people on 5 continents protested the looming illegal invasion of Iraq by the US Bush Administration. But the Bush Administration ignored the people of the world, the United Nations... (more)

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