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Series - WeThe People - Watch Videos of US Protests #24

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 29, 2007

On Saturday 10/27/07 over 100,000 US citizens protested in cities across the nation to demand an end to the US illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq for oil. Many fear the US will invade Iran for oil too, and demand the impeachment of Bush & Cheney as most Americans have wanted for years. It was an historic day of protest with Solidarity Protests emerging in many US cities and countries around the world. There's been hundreds of protests in the US and world since Bush took office in 2000/01 without being elected, and the citizen's movement continues to grow. Overtime the US mass media has... (more)

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Series - We The People - 10/27 Mobilize For Peace #23

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 26, 2007

Join nationwide Peace & Impeach regional Protests this Saturday Oct 27 2007 to call for an end to US illegal & immoral invasion of Iraq for oil. Create an historic day of protest with thousands of nationwide & local grassroots groups converging at 11 regional events, with Solidarity Protests mobilizing in Canada, London, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands,etc. Links for US regional events below with location details. The host of US regional protests is United For Peace and Justice, "This coming Saturday, October 27, people from all walks of life will gather in 11 cities around the country... (more)

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Series - We The People - Nov 3 Join Earth Protests #22

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 23, 2007

Come Saturday November 3rd 2007 to nationwide, local global warming Protests. Join an event in your area or create one at STEP IT UP website Members of Congress and Presidential Candidates are being invited too. Hosted by STEP IT UP "November 3rd Americans will demand real leadership on global warming. From coast to coast, we'll rally in our communities and invite our politicians to join us. We'll see who rises to the occasion and who has a real plan to tackle the defining challenge of our time. One year before the election, let's make sure the world witnesses our national... (more)

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Series-We The People-Series Articles & Links #21

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 22, 2007

Here's an easy resource for readers of this Series-We The People, scroll down to summaries & links to each Article #1-#20 (so far). Otherwise Articles are in the Political Sections of the San Francisco & National Papers, but older Articles are hidden and found by links inside other articles. FIRST, basic information for you-- *Each Article has evidence to impeach in areas of the Admin's domestic & foreign policies, and secret agendas at home & abroad. Each Article begins with an introduction or summary, each is a compilation of articles and documents with links from the most... (more)


Series - We The People - London News Blasts Bush #20

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 16, 2007

During these years of darkness it's such a joyous feeling to hear the simple truths, like in the Editorial below from London's Financial Times that exposes to the world the simple truths of the Bush Admin, and dares to challenge the United States to act like a democracy. Intellectually I tell myself that We The People will survive, but like millions of others I know We don't control the media or the vote machines. So I remind myself there are International Laws and Standards for democracies. I remind myself of the whistleblowers, the massive evidence to impeach, and the Congressmembers who... (more)

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Series - We The People - US Whistleblower Interview #19

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 11, 2007

British BBC News journalist Greg Palast knew the now infamous covert US economic hitman John Perkins when he worked for the secret US global empire, the secret US government and US corporations that Perkins calls the "corporatocracy", below is a June 2007 interview of Perkins by the independent news show Democracy Now with host Amy Goodman. In this interview and his 2007 book Perkins reveals that the US sent "jackals" into Iraq, to do what the US military can't,assassinate Heads of State and other people. Perkins says the US is a target too, his... (more)


Series - We The People - Oct 27 Protests Nationwide #18

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 5, 2007

Join nationwide mass mobilization in regions across the country for war & impeach protests on Saturday Oct 27, 2007, use links below for 11 regional events in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Jonesborough, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Seattle. Citizens of neighboring states will join closest regional event. Nationwide regional protests hosted by nationwide grassroots group United For Truth & Justice and endorsed by thousands of local & national grassroots groups, for protest information see links below. For documents of evidence of illegal... (more)


Series - We The People - Experts Expose 9/11 Lies #17

By Rose Mountain, published on Sep 25, 2007

This article is excerpts of evidence by Scholars in physics & engineering, US Airforce pilots who specialize in crash sites, etc, plus a few of the best websites & lecture videos to begin your own research. The worldwide 911 Truth Movement is fueled by science and research of hundreds of scholars, pilots, engineers and experts in a spectrum of fields, government officials, WTC workers, eyewitnesses, families of 9/11 victims, investigative journalists,etc who became whistleblowers of the Official 911 Story & the 911 Commission Report, joined by citizens across America, Canada, Britain,... (more)


Series - We The People - 9/15 Peace Protest #16

By Rose Mountain, published on Sep 15, 2007

Across our nation We The People want to stop this war, on Saturday 9/15/07 over 500 nationwide grassroots groups are descending on Washington DC to demand an end to the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, and to demand impeachment of Bush and Cheney. The Iraq Veterans Against The War will begin the protest with a "die-in". People from many states will come on buses together, others will fly, many groups will protest in their hometowns too. We The People must change the direction of our country, the world is waiting, the time is now. To join an event, below are a few groups websites for Sept... (more)

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Series - We The People - Secret US Empire Whistleblower #15

By Rose Mountain, published on Sep 10, 2007

People worldwide know the dark history of the US secret government & corporations who continue to devastate countries worldwide,and finally US citizens and policymakers are hearing the truth from respected whistleblowers like PBS journalist Bill Moyers, BBC News journalist Greg Palast, and John Perkins an economic hitman turned whistleblower who describes how the US is a target too. Palast knew Perkins when he was a top economist working for the US global empire or "corporatocracy" as Perkins calls it. This article will quote excerpts from Perkins' newest book, including a list of facts... (more)


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