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Wireless Electricity

By Ronald Hobbs, published on Jun 11, 2007

A recent article (7 June 07) in the Boston Globe caught my attention. It was picked up by the major wire services, and even funneled down to USA TODAY. A team of researchers at MIT succeeded in illuminating a light bulb, without wires, at a distance of seven feet. They have dubbed it "WiTricity". (Information abounds through search engines and the MIT website). The impact of this result will change the world as we know it; soon I think. Once venture capitalists get in on the act, once the market makers see whats going on and open it up to the public investors. Interestingly enough, the... (more)


Amateur Radio

By Ronald Hobbs, published on May 30, 2007

Ham Radio is Alive and Well! This might come as a surprise, but the "internet of the 1950s", Amateur Radio, is still alive and kicking. Before you start to yawn, every Bay-to-Breakers race since day one, every major civic activity involving masses of people has been monitored by the Amateur Radio Service. Amateur Radio has been responsible for health and wellfare traffic that got authorities to the scene of many catrastophies here in the Bay Area-- and beyond. In the process it has saved many lives. It is largely an unseen force but in the Bay Area there are slightly fewer than 4000 licensed... (more)

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By Ronald Hobbs, published on May 26, 2007

Antennas We live in a time when the Radio Frequency (RF) environment is becoming increasingly congested. In order for radio signals to travel they require antennas. As I tap this out, the antenna on my computer is exchanging information with an access point, that point is connected by more antennas to what we have come to know as the internet. Television viewing, radio listening, require antennas as do wireless telephonephones, as do cordless telephones. We cannot put an exact time when the aeriel first appeared, but, conveniently, let us say with Marconi at the beginning of the twentieth... (more)

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California AB1178: Way to go Leland!

By Ronald Hobbs, published on May 2, 2007

An inescapable result of electing legislators is that they eventually feel the need to write legislation. Existing legislations are, perhaps, consulted with a quick glance. But the egoistic little need to sign one's name to a bill is irrestable and, to get a bill passed into law, produces euphoria in its author. Of course these bills are written on behalf of the common weal, their underlying premise is always, "the world would be a better place if..." This brings us to California Assembly Bill AB1178 authored by Assemblyman Leland Yee with the endorsement of Johans Kleh. Attracted by the... (more)

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The San Francisco Muni Experience

By Ronald Hobbs, published on Apr 2, 2007

It is no secret that San Francisco Municipal Railway, Muni, is fraught with problems. In time, sooner or later, some team of investigative reporters or some maverick whiz-bang snoop will reveal the smoking tailpipe. But unless those efforts are very, very tight, nothing will come of it in the way of results. The press will tell, the agency will defend, the public will be outraged -- for awhile -- until attentions turn to the Housing Authority, DPW, or Rec/Parks. Muni's soldiers in the field, the operators, bear the brunt of public discontent. Imagine having to go to a job where you can count... (more)

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