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5 Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik

By Romeo Demes, published on Aug 24, 2016

Did you know that Croatia invented the necktie? Parisians took to the stylish look of the small, knotted neckerchiefs worn by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century and promptly adopted the fashion.

While you explore the city, have some sweet arancini, candied bitter orange peels, which you can buy from all the snack shops and wineries. The word Maraschino should sound familiar: it is a Zadar specialty made from the region’s world famous Marasca cherries. Small family farms around Dubrovnik make some of the world’s best olive oils and excellent wine. There... (more)

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5 Things to Do in Croatia

By Romeo Demes, published on Jun 28, 2016

Do you go on a hike? Visit the Andriatic coast, or attend a traditional fiesta? Even experienced tourists may fail to plan their visit properly to avoid missing marvelous sights and life changing experiences in the small European country. As such, here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Croatia to make your trip memorable.

1. Visit the famous Andriatic Islands

Covering 33 200 km2 of Croatia, the Adriatic sea has a spectacular coastline and over 1000 uniquely scattered islands from Umag to Dubrovnik. The variety of islands is simply stunning with shifting terrain from tranquil pastures... (more)

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Arduino - Interactive Electronics for Everyone

By Romeo Demes, published on Nov 30, 2015

Builders and creators who love to work with electronics are continually keeping their eyes open for the next project. Creating has many useful benefits. The act of being able to liberate the mind and achieve the sensation of freedom is truly a passion. However, the lack of knowledge as well as being held back by time and money can interfere in the electronics projects that one wishes to achieve.

A programmable logic controller called Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. The purpose of the Arduino is to give the user the option of programming a small computer to... (more)

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Sibenik: The Historic City Of Croatia

By Romeo Demes, published on Nov 12, 2015

The scenic beauty that Sibenik offers is the main draw for tourists. In addition to it's innate beauty you will find that the town has a lot of history and culture to draw from. For the tourist's point of view, you will find that Sibenik doesn't fail to disappoint you with it's attractions! The mild humid weathers and the hot dry summers make it a perfect place to visit at anytime in the year.

Beautiful Nature

If you are looking to be vowed by the powers of nature, then the Cascate Krka is a must see. It's an easy walk on a wooden walkway. The walkway takes you through trees and you... (more)

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Croatia: The Family and Budget Friendly Holiday Destination

By Romeo Demes, published on Nov 1, 2015

Whether it’s your first time to this great holiday destination, or your 100th, there’ll always be something that will wow you. And best of all, you can experience the best of Croatia with your whole family at an affordable cost. Continue reading to learn more about the budget and family-friendly side of Croatia.

Family-Friendly Accommodation

Families have a wide range of family of options when it comes to booking accommodation in Croatia. For instance, there are several family-friendly hotels, which offer standard amenities plus private pools, clubs and a variety of sports and activities... (more)

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