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Should Hank Aaron Be There For Barry?

By robertanchor, published on Jul 20, 2007

Should Hank Aaron be there for Barry? This is question that everyone is asking. As the moment draws even closer for Barry to take his swings at passing Hank Aaron on the all time home run list, many people including myself have been thinking about the importance of Hank Aaron being present if or when Bonds breaks the record? Aaron, who has already made it clear to most of us that he will not be present come the day Bonds breaks his record for most all time home runs, and rightfully so, but will he reconsider? There seems to be no reason why any player would want to see his record broken in... (more)


Barry Named To All-Star NL Starting Roster

By robertanchor, published on Jul 2, 2007

It's official Giants fans; Barry Bonds has earned himself a spot on the NL All-Star roster. The news, which came as a late surprise to some and a sweet relief to others, was the talk of most fans this past Sunday about the time when traffic was just hitting it's full capacity on the way to the Giants, Diamondbacks game. Yet Despite the good news the Giants came out as focused to play ball as any other day. And it showed as the Giants later emerged victorious, and added a cheery to the already sweet news by pounding Arizona 13 to a whopping 0. This would be the 13th time Bonds had made the... (more)

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JRich is Headed to Bobcats

By robertanchor, published on Jun 29, 2007

This past Thursday Jason Richardson was traded to the Charlotte for a first round 8th pick overall Brandon Wright from North Carolina. Much speculation was ridding on as to wheather or not Kevin Durant or Greg Oden would go number one overall in the draft, but no one could have anticipated the trade that took place this past Thursday between the Warriors and the Bobcats. This now leaves the question as to why the Warriors organization felt that a trade containing one of its " Key franchise players" was good enough to roll the dice on. Before the trade took place in later rounds there was a... (more)

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Ricky Hatton Still Unbeaten

By robertanchor, published on Jun 26, 2007

Ricky Hatton knocks out Jose Luis Castillo to remain undefeated. This past saturday the man known as the "hitman" from Manchester, England defeated number 4th ranked Jose Luis Castillo in what was thought to have been Castillo's toughest fight ever. The former two time WBC light weight champion Castillo who is best remembered for his memorable series battle with the late Diego Coralles back in 2005 where he lost his title by knock out before winning the rubber match five months later. To make the fight's event even more controversial Hatton came suited up in to the ring wearing a blue... (more)


The Champ Who Never Became

By robertanchor, published on Jun 7, 2007

Bound for glory and success the champ of the bay area lives and fights like a fighter in love with the ring. Like a machine running on nothing but blood and sweat dripping from his body, he feeds of the sounds of echoing roars of cheering. Before you know it his opponent which in one instant stood toe tom toe with him is now down, face first onto the cold rough canvas with only minutes into the second round. Above his opponent the champ looks down with nothing more than a glare of intimidation and relief. Truly this was pound for pound one of the greatest fighters to ever walk the ring.... (more)

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