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How to Inspire and Reward Customer Loyalty for Online Company

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Mar 11, 2014

In fact, there wouldn't be any online shopping at all.

So, if you happen to be someone who has an online company, we're pretty sure that your top goal is making sure that your product or service is top-notch. Not only is that a great way to draw customers in but it's also how you turn them into return customers too. Well, at least that's one of the ways.

If you're someone who is doing pretty well online, but you would like to know about some of the things you can do that will both inspire as well as reward your customers so that they will remain loyal to your business, you've... (more)

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It's Tax Season: Where Accountants Make Their Money

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Mar 5, 2014

Although the government benefits from these collections, there are other Americans who benefit from this tax time of year as well. Tax accountants are happy to welcome in the New Year—it heralds the beginning of the new tax season. Tax accountants’ appointment books fill to capacity, and tax offices become active, busy places. In the United States, citizens have from January to April of every year to even the score with Uncle Sam’s IRS. So as individuals moan and groan at the thought of tax season, accountants are smiling broadly—counting their money.

Taxman Training and Tithes Perhaps... (more)

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