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Abney Associates Offices Closed

By Rick Abney, published on Sep 9, 2014

PR Released June 23, 2014: The true scope of the company’s exposure is yet to emerge at this stage with little information being released and calls going unanswered. The financial services provider has played a prominent part in Hong Kong’s investment community for a number of years, though a series of high risk trades over the last twelve months has seen its clients become increasingly worried, with few taking assurances as to the state of the company’s financial health following its unprecedented losses.

Following the circulation of rumors that one of Hong Kong’s larger offshore providers... (more)


Abney Associates Executive Richard Hunter to attend European Retail Banking Summit

By Rick Abney, published on Oct 10, 2013

The European Retail Banking Summit plans to assemble more than 150 influential personalities in the retail banking industry, which will include policymakers, regulators, investors and customers. These financial leaders will investigate how European retail banking is closely approaching the boundaries of a radical transformation. In the present economic environment, the main issue that needs to be tackled is this: What do institutions or organizations need to do to adjust in order to survive?

For the first time in two hundred years, retail banking faces its biggest revolution. The Summit... (more)

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Abney Associates Executives Richard Hunter

By Rick Abney, published on Sep 13, 2013

Richard Hunter, Director of Private Equity of Abney Associates, together with Marcus Dawson, Head of Principal Investments, will join the forthcoming European Finance Association (EFA) 40th Annual Conference which will be held at the Cambridge Judge Business School, UK, on August 28-31, 2013.

Abney Associates professionals are in the forefront of providing the right comprehensive financial advice and seeking investment opportunities for their clients. Engaging in meaningful interaction among fellow finance experts in Europe and other regions helps the company expand its capability to... (more)

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James Carter, VP, and Marcus Dawson, Investment Head

By Rick Abney, published on Aug 30, 2013

March 15, 2013 - Hong Kong -- James Carter, Senior Vice-President, and Marcus Dawson, Head of Investment, of Abney Associates are attending the Financial Stability symposium sponsored by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on May 30, 2013 at the Two International Finance Center, Auditorium, 56/F, 8 Finance Street, Central HK.

The two main topics in the program include: first, The Interactions of Micro- and Macro-Prudential Policies and, second, Governance for Financial Stability. Under the first, differences in macro- and micro-prudential policies will be discussed with subsequent discussions... (more)

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Abney Associates Review - Commodities Are Moving As Gold

By Rick Abney, published on Aug 30, 2013

“Gold has resumed its slide and even billionaire George Soros was selling holdings in exchange-traded products that are at a two-year low. Our thinking is to expect prices to continue falling the next few weeks, with some excitement in the US markets this is a trend that has very strong possibilities” commented James Carter Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions here at Abney Associates.

After a climb over the past 12 years that is showing its end after some investors lost faith in gold pushed equities to rally and with growing confidence that the U.S. economy is improving.... (more)

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