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BrooWaha Wizard of Editing Rejects Latest Rev. F Masterpiece

By Rev. F, published on May 3, 2007

The Great and All-Powerful Wizard of Editing has rejected the latest literary masterpiece from BrooWaha cult favorite and Man of Letters Rev. F. The article, titled "I Was Almost Killed By A Satan Tree," was rejected due to a perceived lack of quality. The announcement was made at a press conference in the vast, austere halls of BrooWaha corporate headquarters. "This is an outrage," croaked author Rev. F. "The Satan Tree screed was just as poorly-written as my other published items on Broo. Sure, it might not be as scholarly as 'Do Hookers Drive Mazdas?' but it's printable." The Wizard of... (more)

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That Big Dyke Is Stealing Our Women!!!

By Rev. F, published on Apr 30, 2007

Has anyone been watching the BravoTV show "Workout"? Look, I am a HUGE fan of what I call "Quality Lesbianism". The definition of this term is simple: Hot broads making out on TV. Note: Meaty, mule-skinner types like Rosie need not apply. Ho, ho...this show "Workout" is a giant sushi roll of Quality Lesbianism. Some of the scenery just melts a High Life Man like me. Sweet Jezus, I need to move to LA. You just don't see that type of action in Intercourse, PA. Out here there's nothing but thick Quaker women and the Amish. (And don't get me started... (more)

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The USA Is Doomed: The Slow Death of Sears, GM and Congress

By Rev. F, published on Apr 25, 2007

Let me gather my thoughts. Stand back, as I’m about to spit some Hot Fire… I am still fighting this Bird Flu and the gym is out of the question at this point. So, I decide that I might as well run an errand. I need parts for the lawnmower. I have my model number and serial number. I head to Sears because is an abomination. It looks and acts like a website from 1995. So, I walk into Sears with all the information necessary to get the parts. I need basic stuff like oil, filter, plug, blade, etc. As a High Life Man, I am totally capable of working on small engines.... (more)

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The Museum of Surveying is Depraved

By Rev. F, published on Apr 24, 2007

So, I found myself in the Lansing area with nothing to do. So, I grabbed the hotel flyer on "Lansing Area Attractions." So, I was almost 100% set on the "Deja Vu Night Club." I figured a $10 couch dance was in my future. Hey kid, you've earned it, I told myself. But then The Fates had me turn one more page... There before me was an ad for "THE MUSEUM OF SURVEYING." See attached photo. As you can see, THE MUSEUM OF SURVEYING is where you can learn about the wild and wonderful world of the land surveying arts. A portly man in frontier-era clothing will tell you the essentials of surveying,... (more)


Tree Surgeon ER - The Ultimate Reality Show

By Rev. F, published on Apr 24, 2007

Me: Now, Mr. TV Executive, we are all aware of the "reality TV" phenom. TV Exec: Yup. Me: And we are all aware of the long-running success of the TV show "ER," which displays the soap opera drama inherent to life in an emergency room environment. TV Exec: Yup. Me: Now how about we spin the two together and have a reality TV show about life in the ER? TV Exec: Uh, TLC already has a show like that. So does Discovery Channel. Me: Ah, but let me explain how my show would be different. CONCEPT: TREE SURGEON ER Scene 1: Tree Hospital Trauma Center in Northern California... (more)

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