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Silent Sickness

By Renee Shepard, published on Sep 26, 2009

Nobody likes to be sick, with colds or flu's or any part that ails the body, but a silent sickness is the worst kind. The mental illness that lives within is frightening, enlightening, confusing and of all things unpredictable. Kurt Cobain's Journals is my favorite book right now because just reading it gives a person both chills and laughter at the same time. It seems sinful to laugh at such a sick man but it helps heal others who have it too. Anyone with mental illness or anyone who has ever been exposed to it knows the deal, the person silently suffering from it is helpless to treatment,... (more)

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The Big Old House

By Renee Shepard, published on Sep 22, 2007

There was always something special about growing up in upstate New York. Especially in a ten room Victorian house with two kids 15 months apart. I don’t know how my parents lived with us but one good thing in a house that big the kids could always find places to hide where nobody would find you. In 1972, my parents bought this huge and in desperate need of a whole lot of TLC this amazing house. The woodwork was stunning and very much matched the time period of when it was built more than a hundred years ago. The stairs curved with complete elegance and the cherry natural wood was a marvel... (more)

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The Sounds of Summer

By Renee Shepard, published on Aug 16, 2007

Living near an elementary school one gets used to hearing kids engaging in the carefree life of well, a kid. Noises from the little humans vary from screams of joy, anger and the sounds of little feet running or operating a bike as they freely and delightfully ride down the hills of this tiny village. Kids should be kids and in this world sometimes that can be hard to do. What happens when the sounds of summer from the little beings turn into an unpleasant sound, an unhappy sound? The elementary and middle school down the road houses students during the hot days of summer for various programs... (more)

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