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Painting of the Beaten

By Rebeca Lucret, published on Mar 23, 2011

We watched him get beat.

She with an over sized candied apple,

I with two-toned silver and gold eating utensils.

I sliced, they sliced.

We ate and we watched

As spots of growing red polka dots

Stained the whites of his shirt.

A nameless man stood straddled on the hood of a jeep,

The sunlight on his pain was Vermeer and light,

Fists upon skin,

Art can be anything.

We watched him get beat.

She with sugar coated dreams in hand

I balancing an overabundance of dancing spaghetti.

We ate and we watched

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Earth Day: Alligators vs. Disappearing Acts

By Rebeca Lucret, published on Apr 13, 2010

Everything was dark about that evening, including the nightgown she chose to wear. The sky was working its way from a lovely crimson glow to an alarming vision of indigo skin diseased with purpura-like spots. She, sweet and full of mischief, was unwinding from another episode of elementary school drama when she decided to sit next to me and watch television. She smiled, pulled the blanket over her lap and gave me a hug as if all was right with the world. Little did she know that the next sixty minutes would shake her to the very core.

What seemed like the beginning of a documentary began... (more)

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The Requerimiento: Then and Now

By Rebeca Lucret, published on Mar 7, 2010

Shouting in alien tonguesabstract wordsand perplexities of sorts,they arrived on shorelike summertime antsassaulting the calm of kitchen floors.Oh recognize us –citizens of ignorant acts,as the saviorsand prophets who shall bring peace upon your heads.Oh recognize us –and fear not words that befuddlenor hands of jagged wreaths,that graze upon the ample bosombelonging to your wives and offspring.In postcards,we shall brag of your beautyas obvious as our heavenly given rights.We shall sip of your coffeesweeten our tongues and flush you of your foreign words.Fear not the fine print floating in... (more)


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