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What Is A Country For?

By Ray Colon, published on Oct 22, 2010

Earlier this year, prior to the Pennsylvania Primary, I wrote this blog post. With the midterms just 11 days away, it seems appropriate that I share it with my Broos. Elections matter, and in my lifetime I'd say that this one matters more than most. I ask that you vote your conscience, vote your outrage, or vote your hope. But please don't choose to sit this one out.

I’ve worked hard all of my life.

Most people can make this claim, so I’m not special. In life, I’ve experienced my share of ups and downs. Some of the lows were self-induced while others could be attributed to happenstance.... (more)


Fuel, Food & Freedom

By Ray Colon, published on Sep 11, 2010

Last week, this billboard caused me to do a double take. I was crawling along Route 33 in Pennsylvania, in a construction zone, as I tried to process what I was reading.

Fuel… okay. Food… okay. Freedom?

I’ve been to that Sunoco station. Their 24-hour operation and their location are convenient for me. When there, it is easy to spot both fuel and food for sale, but I can’t recall there being any freedom available for purchase. Granted, I was free to buy all of the fuel and food that I desired, but there were no fewer restrictions at this gas station than there are at any... (more)

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Charting Fox News

By Ray Colon, published on Sep 5, 2010

Many people, including me, have tired of what we find to be objectionable and biased reporting from Fox News.

Unlike many of my progressive friends, I do watch Fox News -- but not exclusively, which is what I believe is precisely the problem with the typical Fox News viewer.

Lack of diversity.

Now, I don't mean that to be construed as a double entendre relating to Fox News viewers, although I think that it would have been a good one if I were that type of guy. What I actually mean is that the reliance on a single source for news guarantees an unrealistic understanding... (more)

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A Quite Dangerous Thing

By Ray Colon, published on Aug 30, 2010

Have I made a real difference? I fail to discern Will my children prosper as they grow and they learn? Can I guide them correctly since I am so flawed? Did I do right by introducing them to God

I tended the altar back when I was a youth Was convinced that all I had been told was the truth I’d confess my child sins in that small wooden booth Seems quite silly now as I grow long in the tooth

My beliefs are my own and not up for debate I promote peace and love while rejecting the hate Guarded thoughts and ideas to the forefront I bring Introspection can be a quite dangerous thing

... (more)

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What Patriotism Is Not

By Ray Colon, published on Aug 28, 2010

"I love my country more than you do."

It’s not a new tactic, but it’s an easy one to implement.

Wrap yourself in a flag and point an accusatory finger outward toward those who disagree with your definition of patriotism. Those who are easily swayed by this cheap and meaningless call to action will rally to your side. You’ll gain instant credibility.

It’s a dangerous game of one-upmanship.

Similarly, a claim to be speaking in God’s name, or better yet, as in Glenn Beck’s case, a claim to having been spoken to by The Almighty will cause your stature to rise among those... (more)


It Was Never About The Drinking

By Ray Colon, published on Aug 18, 2010

We used to do it just to get nice. It was part of the seduction.

With the children tucked into their beds, you’d change into something sexy. Over some drinks, we'd talk, laugh, and share what was on our minds. The cocktails were no more than rewards at the end of a difficult day, a way to dispel inhibitions, or just a part of unwinding. Nothing complicated. No deeper meaning. It was as simple as that: grown people doing grown up things.

It was never about the drinking… until it was.

Looking back, I can’t pinpoint the moment that it all went wrong. There were signs... (more)

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