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Natural Remedies That Can Benefit Your Family

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Feb 27, 2018

With our stressful lifestyles and busy schedules, health often takes a backseat. With poor dietary choices and dependence on modern medicine, most of us are unaware about how natural remedies can benefit us and our family. Since, a majority of our illnesses stem from our poor lifestyle, what we eat and what we use on our body plays an important role in keeping us healthy and nourished.

Natural fruits and vegetables contain valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make us healthy and nourish our body. Today there are several medical conditions and routine problems that we can... (more)


The Best Investor for Retirement You Can Be

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Jul 19, 2017

It does not matter how old you are, you should be preparing for retirement from the moment you begin working. If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry because a lot of people don’t until the realization that they aren’t far from retirement settles in. We are here to help you figure out the investing game so that you can make the money you need for retirement.

Tangible Savings

In order to start investing, you need money available to invest. If you are a little panicked, you are in a better position to save than you think. First, we look at our monthly bills to see where we can cut... (more)


Latest Technology in the World of Retail

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Jul 1, 2017

One of the greatest challenges of running a small business is keeping up with the daily tasks of supply chain management and customer engagement. The more time we spend with those tasks, the less we have available for other needs. Yet we can't sacrifice the attention it takes to get the inputs required for our products, and we certainly can't turn away from customer interaction.

Technology has come to the rescue in both of these situations. There are computer- and phone-based tools that can simplify all these processes and really save the day for your business. They'll improve your customer... (more)


How to stop dog barking

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Mar 28, 2017

You will rarely come across a dog that barks without reason. Like human beings, dogs usually communicate through barking. You can stop your dog from barking by tuning its feelings and thinking. The goodness with dogs is that they have a simple view of life and you can train them with a lot of ease. Training dogs to stop barking entails modifying their pattern of reasoning and feeling.

The main undoing of barking is that it only has one vocabulary which is woof! This sound could be a representation of greetings, an alert, excitement, attention, and expression of boredom just to name a... (more)


7 most popular extracurricular to do on weekends in 2017

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Feb 22, 2017

Extra-curricular activities play an important role in the growth and development of individuals of all ages. These activities allow you to remain physically fit in a fun and enjoyable manner. Whereas people turn some of these engagements into a full time or part time profession, you can use them to pass time during weekends. Here are some examples of seven most popular extra curricular to do on weekends in 2017.


I find football to be the most popular extracurricular activity to do on weekends. The advantage with soccer is that the rules for the game are not difficult.... (more)


5 Tips On How To Select The Right Computer Games

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Jan 13, 2017

Playing computer games is highly beneficial to any player who understands his limitations. Parents should assist their kids in choosing the best computer games if they expect them to maximize the benefits they receive. As a parent, you must monitor the gaming behavior of your child. Here are some of the tips you need to consider while selecting the right computer games.

Time Requirements

You must determine the amount of time you require to play a particular game. It’s critical to note that you commit your time as you choose any game. Some games are less time consuming than others.... (more)


Benefits Of Using Innovative MySQL Databases Reporting Tools

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Oct 2, 2016

Most businesses require regular and ad hoc reports on stored data that has been acquired over time. It’s quite common for upper management to base policy and strategy decisions on reports, while various departments such as marketing will adjust their efforts in response to the information extracted from data reports.

To make it simpler for other programs to access data through them, most database software support a computer language called "SQL" (which is often pronounced as "sequel"). SQL was specifically designed for that purpose. Programs that want the database software to handle... (more)


How To Prevent Yourself From Identity Theft

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Aug 23, 2016

College students lead a carefree life. All they need to worry about is studies and enjoyment with their fellows. This is what makes them most vulnerable against the terrible crimes such as identity theft. They could be a victim of identity theft very easily because students tend to pay less attention towards these serious issues. They do not understand the importance of monitoring their personal data and securing it against all possible threat. This is the main reason that criminals in this field target them in the first place.

If you are a student, studying in any corner of the world,... (more)


How To Make Your Ride Comfortable

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Aug 1, 2016

Now that you have made up your mind to buy a new car, there are a couple of things that need your attention. One of them being - the wheels of the car. While many new cars today feature a large tire size and bigger wheels, the tire/wheel combo not only adds an essence of elegance to the street machine but also reduces the sidewall height of the tire. The sidewall, to be precise, is that part of the tire where the pavement and wheel rim meets the tire. The more the sidewall, the more cushion there will be between the vehicle the road. Most contemporary cars today come equipped with 18, 19 or... (more)


How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

By Ravi Kumar Gupta, published on Jul 29, 2016

Identity theft has become one of the most common issue in all over the world. It has been reported that this type of crime has accounted for 77 percent of fraud cases in India. Consumer loans, mortgage loans, and personal loans account to the largest number of fraud cases. Therefore, protection against such menaces is of utmost importance today.

Keeping the possible outcomes in mind, listed here are some tips for you to prevent identity theft online:

Hold the TMI (Too much information): The easiest form to protect yourself from identity theft is to be aware of the information... (more)


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