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5 Most Popular Apps for Touring North India

By Rasmi Pandey, published on Jan 22, 2016

With the onset of winters, the globe-hoppers have begun searching their favourite tourists’ spots. Undoubtedly, the snow-capped hill-stations would be at the top of your touring sites’ list. It is the magic of extremely beautiful north India where anyone with itchy feet can travel light while taking scenic route. Its flora and fauna seem as if the nature is dressed up to kill. Isn’t it sounding tempting? I’m sure many of you would have already planned to enjoy this winter while traveling. Those, who are frightened of hitting the road to tour, the below mentioned apps’ help can let them walk... (more)

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Amazing Hot Air-Ballooning in Jaipur

By Rasmi Pandey, published on Nov 25, 2015

Are you crazy to swing in the air? Have you ever tried bungee jumping or rafting? These are the synonyms of adventure. Every tourist knows pink city ‘Jaipur’ as the city of palaces and forts belonging to the kings. But can you imagine what excited things it hides apart from these imperial legacies? These are recreational centers that make your heart beat faster. Those who are in love with nature and animal, it has elephants playing polo in Dera Amer. For party animals, it has Lava bar and Royal bar to freak out. The hunt for exclusive shopping centers ends at City Mall, Triton Mall and so on.

... (more)

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You Will Be Surprised After Knowing These Facts About Delhi

By Rasmi Pandey, published on Nov 4, 2015

Delhi, the heart of India, has never grown old. Many interesting as well as terrible phases of Indian history are trapped in its manifolds. The Pandavas gave it the name ‘Indraprastha’ around 3500 BC because of its five ‘Prasthas’, including Sonepat, Panipat, Tilpat and Baghpat. The subsequent years had more in their store. Shahjahanabad, Daulatabad and few more names were gifted to it. It devastated profusely by the mighty Mughals. British people left it scratched. But it did not die.

Historic date 15th January, 1947 gifted it a sigh of relief. It inhaled the freshness of freedom after... (more)

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Famous Street Food of Delhi

By Rasmi Pandey, published on Oct 13, 2015

Delhi, the heart of India, is worldwide famous. Rainbow culture has been thriving here for years. Mughals, Turks and British let it danced on their tunes. However, they have gone leaving behind their tasty food recipes here. They enriched our culture. Food is one of the essential components that form culture. Lip-smacking and finger licking kebabs, rolls and many more dishes that we eat today are just because of them.

Savour the Flavour

Roadside stalls of Paranthewali Gali in Delhi, Sarojini Nagar, Dilli Haat and many more famous food stalls in Delhi attract thousands of people... (more)

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Beautifying Agra to save the Taj Mahal

By Rasmi Pandey, published on Sep 9, 2015

What image flashes to your mind when one cites 'ivory architecture of marble'? Undoubtedly, its iconic Taj Mahal in Agra which is still echoing the magnificence of artisans & craftsmen during the dynasty of fifth Mughal Emperor 'Shah Jahan'. However, their hands were axed for making sure that such an incredible marble-structure could never be restructured. Whatsoever happened, that became annals but the buzzing about its eye-catching beauty got its resting-place in the WONDERS OF THE WORLD.

Historical & fascinating tourist places in Agra are many. Thus, their conservation is... (more)

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