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The Anti-Israel Demonstration in London

By ranfuchs, published on Sep 25, 2011

“What’s the petition for?” I asked Jane.

“It’s for the children of Gaza. They suffer in the war with Israel …. If you want, you can give donation too.” She guided me around the corner where three English-looking women in their twenties were chatting up some young guys from behind two small tables. Posters were stapled to the front of this makeshift stall. “Support the children of Gaza,” read one. “End the Siege on Gaza,” said another.

A few hundred demonstrators packed the court. Many held banners stained with blood marks for a background: “Stop the genocide in Gaza”,... (more)

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The Question of Reality

By ranfuchs, published on Sep 24, 2011

This is a continuation from Astrology and the New Planets.

Now that we have explored how no scientific theory can contradict ‘real world’ observations, it's time to question the nature of observation. Observations, as discussed earlier, are never objective, and must rely, directly or indirectly, on our sensory perception. To use a trivial example, when we drop a heavy body, to our eyes it seems to be falling down. If we wanted to confirm our visual observation by using other senses, we may choose to attach... (more)

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The Right for Money and the Repulican Debate

By ranfuchs, published on Sep 14, 2011

It was enlightening to see the cheers and claps at last night's Tea Party Republican presidential debate, when Texas Rep. Ron Paul, suggested that it’s not the government’s responsibility to take care of uninsured people even if on their deathbed.

Loud cheers of "yeah!" followed by laughter could be heard in the Expo Hall, in response to the question if he was saying that society should just let the person die?

And if the person cannot afford the insurance?

In the mind of these people, nothing is more sacred than the right to make money – not even the right for life. Under... (more)

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Astrology and the New Planets

By ranfuchs, published on Aug 21, 2011

This is a continuation from Why astrology is not scientific, while astronomy is.

Using scientific theories to discover unknown planets, reinforced Newton’s theory of universal gravitation and proved its usability. But there is nothing sacred about Newton or his theories. Had astronomers not found the planets as expected, Newton's Theory of Gravitation would have been falsified, and would have to be replaced by a theory that could better explain the discrepency in the orbit of Uranus.

Meanwhile, astrologers were enthusiastic about these discoveries, which increased the range of... (more)

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Why astrology is not scientific, while astronomy is.

By ranfuchs, published on Jul 31, 2011

As we have seen, testability is the heart and soul of any scientific theory. However, as crucial as it might be, it is never sufficient to test a theory against the observations that led to its creation. A scientific theory must predict unknown facts that can only be confirmed by fresh observations.

As a simple example let's assume that after you had tasted sugar, you concluded that white, small-grained powders are sweet. The unscientific way would be to use sugar as a proof for your theory. The scientific way, on the other hand, would be to seek other white, small-grained powders... (more)

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Refuting a scientific theory: the theory of ether

By ranfuchs, published on Jul 24, 2011

This post is a continuation from The Boundaries of Science

To demonstrate how established scientific theories can be refuted, let’s look at the theory of Ether, which was the dominant theory for an entire generation of scientists.

Since Maxwell (1831–1879) formulated the electromagnetic theory in 1865, 19th century scientists had puzzled how electromagnetic waves, such as radio or light, traveled through vacuum and the emptiness of space. Just like waves in water or sound in air, the argument went, electromagnetic waves needed a physical medium to travel through. For this reason... (more)


The Legal Face of Evil

By ranfuchs, published on Jul 9, 2011

Once I had a friend who was a farmer. He is not a farmer any more. He is barely alive. The legal system nearly killed him.

He had a dream. He wanted to treat animals right, he wanted to treat customers right. He did not believe that diseased meat cleaned with ammonia was appropriate for human consumption. He had not had any experience as a farmer, so he abounded a successful engineering career and went to school again. Four years later he borrowed money from family, friends and the bank and started his own little farm.

He built a few raws of chicken coops, with enough space... (more)


The Boundaries of Science

By ranfuchs, published on Jul 4, 2011

This post is a continuation of The Origin of Evolution Theory

As strange as it may sound, modern science is not directly concerned with reality, but rather with models of it. Reality is the realm of philosophy. The essence of science is the scientific theory, whose purpose is to provide coherent explanations to observations; an objective aptly summed up by the physics Nobel laureate, Richard Feynman (1918–1988):

No one has ever seen the inside of a brick. Every time you break the brick, you only see the surface. That the brick has an inside is a simple theory which helps us understand... (more)

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The Television

By ranfuchs, published on May 28, 2011

I remember the day I came back from school to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to find a new wooden cabinet in their library room. Grandma had already laid a lace place mat on top – an island of white against the dark, almost black wood – and I wondered which of her ornaments it was meant for. With a moist mop she wiped invisible dust off the shiny surface. “This is a television,” she said, sliding aside the cabinet’s doors – like rolling shutters – to reveal a gray glass screen.

“Can we watch it? Can we watch it now? Please?”

“I don't know how. We must wait for Grandpa.”

“Can... (more)

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The US is catching the train

By ranfuchs, published on May 15, 2011

Europe. The Second World War is only days away. A final goodbye. Hands holding white handkerchiefs waving through the windows of the departing train. Only the cloud rising from the engine is still hanging in the air. Tears. Our protagonist did not have a final goodbye in mind. He is considering to catch the next train. He checks the big board at the station, but as he sees the soldiers marching in, he escapes. He will never see her again.

NYC 2011. The train authorities proudly introduce a new service, advertised in all the trains and stations: “Isn't it nice now when the next train... (more)

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