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American Media and the ex-Soviet Propaganda

By ranfuchs, published on Sep 1, 2013

I bet that it’s been some time since you cared about what was happening in Iraq. After all, the media has barely covered the new wave of killing, the worst bloodshed since 2008.

What about the 3,852 civilian casualties in Afghanistan in the first half of this year? When was the last time you watched, read or thought about them?

And until last week, like the media, most Americans did not care about the two and a half years of civil war in Syria that killed over 100,000 people. Not until Obama declared, “Let’s bomb them.”Suddenly, the media is discovering how immoral these Syrian... (more)

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Are You a Patient or a Client?

By ranfuchs, published on Jul 14, 2013

My daughter’s friend crashed his new sports car. He drove at night, and had three passengers with him – to violations of the Connecticut traffic law, as he is under eighteen. He also drove well over the speed limit. There is no doubt that he, and those in the car with him must be taught a lesson. But first they needed to be treated.

They were taken to ICU, three with private medical care, one without. The girl without, one of two daughters to a single mother, suffered the heaviest injuries. It was not for the doctors to teach them a lesson for their reckless behavior; the doctors’... (more)

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Memorial Day -- A Great Tradition That Should Be Abolished

By ranfuchs, published on May 27, 2013

On the day we are called to remember those who died serving the country, we walk dogs in the park, enjoying the sunny weather; we get a higher, nearly ghostly, view of the world from top of ferris wheels, and we spend on hotdogs and carnival food.

This Memorial Day, more veterans will come back to homelessness and joblessness, because those who served the country have done their job, and can go away – nobody cares where, as long as it’s cheap.

This Memorial Day, more of those wounded in battle, who were not lucky enough to suffer fatal wounds, will run out of medical care and... (more)

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The Day I Joined The Underground

By ranfuchs, published on May 13, 2013

“Soviet Union – yes … Egypt – no … Greece – no … United States – Yes … Grandpa, with a sheet of paper of all the countries in the UN assembly, was adding the numbers. On November 29th 1947 everyone was glued to the radio.

“As soon as the last vote was counted, we all rushed out, flooding the streets, heading for the city center, singing David Melech Israel Chai Vekaiam (David the king of Israel alive and living). Shops and restaurants opened their doors and handed out free food and drinks. Circles inside circles of hora dances erupted, and I, too, was singing and dancing, carried along... (more)

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Dear President Obama

By ranfuchs, published on Apr 8, 2013

Dear President Obama,

How often do you stop to wonder how history will remember the 44th president of the United States?

Now that you’ve returned from the Middle East, knowing that the hostility will not be resolved in your lifetime, now that you know that the number of murders in the US will remain the highest in the developed world, nearly 100 times higher than the next country on the list, now that it’s clear that American debt will not stop accelerating, and that America’s position in the world will not stop deteriorating, that you have ticked the Nobel Prize and was elected... (more)

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If It's Legal Is It Still A Bribe

By ranfuchs, published on Mar 26, 2013

I like our local paper. Mostly it’s harmless; sometimes it’s funny; but occasionally it captures things just the way they are. This was the case last week.

Whether it was carelessness, a blunt political statement, or a dark sense of humor that made the editor put the two articles side by side, the result is sinister: those who give money get regulation bent in their favor. This is true in our local town, in the state, and no doubt in Washington. There it is much worse.

While it might seem natural to those educated in a system whose education policy makers will not dare upset... (more)

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Do we create our world?

By ranfuchs, published on Mar 18, 2013

This is a continuation from: Can Science Prove Parapsychology?

Those who are neither religious nor interested in philosophical questions believe that what they experience with their senses is reality itself. They feel that the world exists independent of their senses: when they see a flower it is because there is a flower; the existence of the inside of a brick is not a model but the way bricks work, and an electron is not a model but an actual practical.

They will not deny that human senses can be fooled and do not always convey the true world, and sensual distortions, such as... (more)

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Attack on Israel and Calls for Peace: One and the Same?

By ranfuchs, published on Dec 31, 2012

The Israeli government has approved the construction of 3,000 new homes in the occupied West Bank. A famous Israeli Rabbi has issued new dressing guidelines for religious women, stating that not even girls as young as three should expose any part of their body or wear bright colors. New regulation undermining human-rights and democracy are commonly raised in the Israeli parliament these days. It is as though Israel is playing into the hands of the anti-Israeli campaigners, whoever they might be. And they love it, especially the government sponsored Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

... (more)

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Are you gay? So what are you so happy about?

By ranfuchs, published on Nov 8, 2012

The morning after the elections, the economy is still deteriorating, the education levels are falling, and the health system is still the worst in the western world. But this does not matter to just over 50% of all Americans whose team has won.

The morning after, the crème de la crème of America, the tri-state area, has not yet recovered from the last storm, many are without electricity and schools are still closed, and the transportation to the heart of America, Manhattan, is barely functioning. Infrastructure in large part of the country is reaching third world quality, and police... (more)

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The story of Balaam

By ranfuchs, published on Oct 29, 2012

“Moshe, your new friend is here,” called his mother, a barefoot woman with a blue floral dress and yellow headscarf, as she welcomed me at the door. Through the narrow corridor, painted sky blue, Moshe led me to the room where he lived with his three brothers. Moshe was the youngest. He shared a bed with his oldest brother, Avi, who was now in the Army – a paratrooper, he boasted. Moshe was looking forward to Avi's next leave, and said that now that he had the bed all to himself I could come for sleepovers. I wished I had a big brother, too.

Before dinner, Moshe's mother handed me a... (more)

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