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A Million TIMES

By Rahul, published on Jan 17, 2013

I'd talked to you a million times, and I knew you inside out. Yet when I came near you, Words betrayed me,My heart missed a beat and time slowed down; Never in those million times had this happened, thought my search was over.

Late I was as always, but my heart was content; for I found my voice amidst those mumbled words. ‘Special you are’ the one I talked to a million time. And still she asks,... (more)

Tags: love, dreams, lost, special, million times


By Rahul, published on Jan 2, 2013

An old man on a swing

Swinging back and forth.

Clenching his hands tight

On the rusty side chains.

Legs stretched and bend

To the rhythm of swing.

His cotton white beard as-

An aimless lite drift cloud,

Shining in the morning sun

Showing the sign of age.

Joy fills the fogy face like-

That in an innocent child’s.

The swing of life continues

Swinging back and forth.

Flawless as day and night

Swinging back and forth.

For a beautiful lives end

Swinging back and forth.


Tags: age, life, joy, old man, end


By Rahul, published on Dec 27, 2012

Few days back my love called me, she was furious on the phone about something; she kept on cursing nonspecifically and was indefinitely shouting at me. I have never seen her like this before, so as I wondered why she was acting such, suddenly everything went silent on the other side and all that hate in her voice turned into puling. She was weeping hard now, I normally feel sad when I see someone crying and when that someone is very close to me, my eyes will wet unwittingly. With a concerned voice I asked her what happened and she told me about a mail that came to her inbox that same day which... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Dec 20, 2012

The wonderful thing about being a human is that we have the abilities to think and reason. We are a unique life form indeed in that sense, more than just the intention to survive and reproduce like the rest of the living things on this blue planet we thrive for knowledge too. If it wasn’t the case we won’t be where we are now, all these discoveries and inventions, advancement in science and technology gave us a totally new outlook towards ourselves and as well as the universe we live in. Now we are moving forward in a fare pace in every aspects of life and so the need for revolutionizing the... (more)

Tags: freedom, thinking, clarity, human, happy life

The one I hates the MOST

By Rahul, published on Dec 13, 2012

Mine was a young and foolish mind then, thought the world and all in it is against me. My father got transferred to Coimbatore; it was his third transfer since I started my school day. I was enrolled in a new school there, my fourth school. New school, lot of new faces and the only thing familiar as usual was the books. There I met him, he became my best friend and now I hate him the most. He came to me, stood beside me, talked to me a lot and it seemed that we both had the same view towards life. I started talking a lot too, about me, about the world around me and how it’s unfair. I trusted... (more)

Tags: fiction, trust, hate, friend, enemy


By Rahul, published on Dec 12, 2012

I recently saw an exclusive report in a leading Malayalam news channel; the report was on tail of a suggestion made by the Kerala high court aiming at reducing liquor consumption and the news showed some videos in which few school students in their uniforms and school bags were buying alcohol from a beverage shop. After the reporter’s narration of a well written script it was time for exclusivity, like all other news channels lot of distinguished personals were introduced (both in person and on phone) and the discussion was started in hope that it will boost the channel’s Tvr, but little did... (more)

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Hot Policy

By Rahul, published on Dec 11, 2012

The hot topic now in India is FDI in retailing, any other events or issues other than that are totally irrelevant in the eyes of our politicians and majority of the media. The UPA government is praising the FDI in retail as a holy angel that will fly down to India to save all its farmers and the poor. The corruption scams, Maoist insurgency, caste based violence, farmer suicides, outrageous increase in child malnutrition rate, savage increase in molestation cases especially towards under aged children, the rocket increase in commodity price, all these issues are totally out classed by this... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Dec 6, 2012

I have friends, a lot in fact, they were always nice to me, loved me and stood near me when ever needed, but I felt all alone and detached. A little did I know that I created a barrier between me and others, the one through which not even my parents could pass, the one which made me fall in love with loneliness. It felt like dark and cold inside, as if I am not needed in this world, as if I am dead. Four walls surrounded me, I can’t see beyond them, only darkness all around, they are closing in fast now; soon I won’t be able to move and there won’t be much air left for me to breath. All trapped... (more)

Tags: death, life, lost, darkness, alone, friend

Which side to support, Palestine or Israel?

By Rahul, published on Nov 29, 2012

Too much muttering is going on among many Indians about the Palestine Israel conflict. So many photos of dead children, burned houses, crying mothers and many more are circulating on facebook declaring their support for Palestine. Most of it insist or even plead to the Indian government to support Palestine and criticize Israel for its brutal actions. The episode that is taking place now is not at all one sided as most suggest, the Hamas are raining missiles over Israeli towns too but the reason for less or no causalities from the Israeli side is because of its counter missile systems. The... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Nov 29, 2012

She asked me 'what love is?' and I couldn't give an answer then. Love is the only word on which each person can give an interpretation of his own; there is no right or wrong about it because no one really knows what love is and what it means. Some hate it, some embrace it, some so blinded by it that they give their life for it. The word always leaves someone hurt, sometimes your family, sometimes your friends and sometimes yourself or the other, pity it’s so because I thought this words was meant to keep everyone happy. So I asked myself ‘what is love?’ I struggled to find an answer to it... (more)

Tags: love, life, meaning, answer

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