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My Drive to Work (an Homage to Los Angeles)

By quinne anderson, published on Nov 8, 2006

the 5, the 10, 101 and 110... a whore's legs, spread before me A regiment of phalli thrusts upward, raping the polluted uteran sky. The highways are a harlot, trod upon by the city's inhabitants who vie ceaselessly for position on her emaciated limbs The surface streets: a tangled web of broken women strewn across the landscape curving writhing They are heaped one upon the next an overflowing harem, layered haphazardly scrambling madly to escape their misogynist hell: into the desert, toward the ocean, into the valleys between the breasts of stronger women mountains, risen above the melée.... (more)

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Up In Smoke

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 26, 2006

It seems pretty simple. People who smoke are going to vote against Proposition 86, and people who don't will vote for it. Which means that it ought to pass, since only 14% of Californians smoke cigarettes. Upon further inspection, however, the matter is not that simple. Proposition 86 plans to implement the first tobacco excise hike since 1998. The new tax will add $.13 to each cigarette (that's $2.60 a pack) and about $4 to each can of smokeless tobacco. Its passing will create The Tobacco Tax of 2006 Trust Fund in the State Treasury. Through this trust fund, profits will be directly... (more)

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Proposition 87: To Tax Or Not To Tax?

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 24, 2006

Elections. They're right around the corner. We keep seeing ads for the various candidates and propositions on television, interspersed between partisan newscasts and anything-but-reality shows. And we have also seen the cost of gas at the pumps rise exponentially, while oil companies bear record-breaking profits. It makes us angry, but what are we to do? Especially here in California, where gas prices are some of the highest in the country. Legislation currently at hand is attempting to address our concerns about fuel consumption. The problem with elections is that it's nigh impossible... (more)

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Enjoyment: M.I.A. at Mia

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 23, 2006

The quick, ten-word review: Cramped Overrated Pretentious Rude Misguided Disappointing Accepts major credit cards. If you're getting your mani/pedi done and you want to read the full catty review, plod on. When I first drove by Mia on Eagle Rock Boulevard, I was -- as our surfing friends would say -- stoked to see a new sushi joint in the works. Eagle Rock is Los Angeles' latest up-and-coming neighborhood, its turf yet untainted by an overabundance of commercial shenanigans. Its residents still enjoy a semblance of peace and quiet in the vicious sprawl that is Los Angeles. But don't... (more)

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Piercings Begone!

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 21, 2006

Yesterday I looked up at my friend Sarah, and told her that she had "a bat in the cave." I thought I was doing her a solid, being a good pal, alerting her to the booger waving at me from within her nostril. When she finally understood what I was talking about, she laughed it off. "Oh, no, that's just my nose ring." Now for Sarah, with her adorably perky little button nose, I will find it in my heart to forgive. But to the rest of my fellow aging Gen Xers, I shout, "What were you thinking?!" I know, I know. I sound like all of our mothers. Thanks to the resurgence of the popularity... (more)

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"Night Moves" -- Lisa Papi-NO!

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 21, 2006

I looked at the CD cover artwork for Lisa Papineau's Night Moves with hope--it was comfortable, simple and inviting. It made me want to smoke some pot, take my shoes off and make snow-less snow angels in the green grass of my Los Angeles front yard. I put the disc in my CD player and sat down excitedly on my floor to do some painting. I was secretly hoping the album would bear parallels to Air's Talkie Walkie, an album to which Lisa Papineau lent her vocals. Talkie Walkie is deliciously different from Air's earlier music. Like the course of Radiohead's musical journey, it shows progression... (more)

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