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The Brooklyn Cowboy

By quin browne, published on Nov 11, 2008

I used to be a Nanny.Yes, me. Imagine! I worked for CF, and took care of her three children in Brooklyn, dealing with steam heat (oh! how I miss that!), brownstones, the joys of Hasidim neighborhoods (the house across the street has 23 children in it. Yes, 23. You never hear a peep.) All of the fresh vegetables on 86th Street, the D train... yes, all of it.I'm helping her out a bit, filling in as Nanny Quin again until she finds someone to do the job on a permanent basis. The kids and I get along, I'd known them since my days in Utah, and it's an easy thing to do.I had one thing I looked... (more)

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The Pro

By quin browne, published on Nov 12, 2007

He was 22. I'd been walking, stopping off deliberately in the deli next to the Evil Empire coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee. I'm defiant that way. He was sitting on a piece of cardboard on the sidewalk, reading Trout Fishing in America, a book I've not seen in, well, forever. Richard Brautigan gave me one of my favourite sayings in my verbal world..."I'm up shit creek without a pair of snowshoes". I felt compelled to talk to someone who was reading Brautigan. It wasn't just the book, it was the luggage, the blanket on his legs, and the sign that said, "STRANDED IN NEW YORK CITY.... (more)

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Fall in New York

By quin browne, published on Oct 24, 2007

You hear them tangling together before they become visible … the audible signs of battle ring out as they attack each other for dominance over the small bit of land mass they occupy. Sharp, able to take out your eye should you get too close, they parry and thrust … until one goes down, gasping, drowning in the water pouring over the twitching body--the victor scuttles away, the much smaller body moving quickly among the others of its kind … triumphant in its victory. No, it’s not a battle of crabs on a beach … it’s Fall in New York. The time we fear most; not because of slush... (more)

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