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Change is Constant

By Pushhyarag2000, published on Dec 13, 2011

It is a few days short of three years when I wrote This New Year Will Be Special-For Me on having been selected by this Company that I have been working for till now. I’m reminded of it now for comparing as well as contrasting how things look now, when I am on the threshold of another major change in my career & life.

I was feeling quite excited then and was looking forward to the challenge, which is easily perceptible if you read the post. A few factors made me assess it as a favorable change: First, I had secured, what looked to me then, was a privileged offer of a new job with... (more)

Tags: change, acceptance, adapt, reconcile

Courage of Conviction

By Pushhyarag2000, published on Oct 28, 2011

"If you have the courage of your convictions, you are brave enough to do what you feel is right, despite any pressure for you to do something different." - UsingEnglish.comConviction as I am writing in this article is not about ‘faith’. For, I’m sure starting a discussion on faith is like stirring a hornet’s nest and setting off a pitched debate on religion, atheism and a host of related emotions in which it is difficult to get to the final word. It is also not about being ‘convicted’ by judicial system! Conviction as a subject in this article deals with a strong personal attribute. It is... (more)

Tags: convictions, doing the right thing, conviction

Breathe Right, Until Breath Lasts...

By Pushhyarag2000, published on Oct 10, 2011

We are alive until we can breathe. This very complex system we human beings have been endowed with and which we use throughout our life to accomplish innumerable things; the various senses, emotions, feelings and impressions we experience; the innumerable ideas, plans and passions we come up using our intellect-all these are sustainable only as long as we can sustain one fundamental vital force within this body-the breath.

The value of the human lasts only as long as the breath in the body. When the breath is taken away, the body crumbles into dust

Do we all realize how... (more)

Tags: breathing, vital force, primal energy, active principle

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