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Misery Loves ... Relief! Beatle Paul McCartney Seeks Yoga

By PopNet, published on Sep 18, 2006

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has been going to private 90-minute Hatha yoga classes in The Hamptons in New York along with actor Alec Baldwin. Yoga is designed to provide "a balanced and wholesome approach to achieving perfect physical and mental health, happiness and tranquillity" and a pal said that McCartney, who has been attending the classes three times a week, turned to yoga to help him cope with the stress that he has been under over his divorce the past few months. Alec Bladwin has had ongoing stress over custody battles for his daughter with Hollywood beauty, actress Kim Bassinger.... (more)

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Earth's First Space Ambassador Ansari Gets Deep Dish Theme Song

By PopNet, published on Sep 18, 2006

Grammy award winners Ali Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi of DEEP DISH have been fusing electronic house with pop themes for more than 15 years. They're about to make more history as composers of the theme song for the first female private space explorer Anousheh Ansair who blasted off successfully on Soyuz today. Anousheh Ansari, the first private female space explorer, bought a $20 million ticket for the International Space Station and launched successfully from Russia (9/18). Well-wishers are logging in to her blog ( from around the world. There are entries in many languages,... (more)

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