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Mole Heaven At Casa De Moles "La Tia"

By pleasurepalate, published on Aug 31, 2008

Such is the tale that circumstances can sometimes enable you to stumble upon a hidden treasure while you're just trying to get through your day. Of course, to me, hidden treasure automatically translates to a mind-blowing foodie find. That was the case with one of my favorite foodie blogger, Teenage Gluster, who, by luck, discovered Casa de Moles "La Tia" and did a write-up on his blog. Click here to read that entry. After I read his post, where he was waxing poetically about the unique moles offered by Chef Owner Rocio Camacho at her restaurant like Pistachio, Coffee, Tamarind, Passionfruit,... (more)

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Korean Fried Chicken Smackdown

By pleasurepalate, published on Jul 6, 2008

Kyochon Chicken, a Korean Fried Chicken chain, has been on my list to try for awhile now. With thoughts of hot and spicy, double-fried chicken constantly running through my head, it was getting harder and harder to resist making the drive to Koreatown just to see what the fuss was all about. However, when I heard that Bon Chon, whose specialty is also Korean Fried Chicken, opened down the road, I knew it was time for a Korean Fried Chicken Smackdown! Oh yeah!So with a few hardy souls from my dining group, we visited both restaurants in just one afternoon. Our first stop was at Kyochon. The... (more)

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The "real" Black Dahlia

By pleasurepalate, published on Jun 20, 2008

For years, I've heard about the "Black Dahlia", but what or who it was about, I was never quite sure. Of course, I've heard bits and pieces about a bizzare unsolved murder of a woman found in the middle of the fields in the 1940s, but I was never interested enough to find out more. Then one day, I boarded "The Black Dahlia Tour" led by Estouric and I could finally understand the fascination many had with this case. Before I go into the tour itself, I should mention that the name of the victim was Elizabeth Short and at only 24, her body was found mutilated, severed in half and drained... (more)

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Fancy? No! Fabulous? Yes To Singapore's Banana Leaf

By pleasurepalate, published on Jun 12, 2008

When it comes to dining out, fancy white tablecloths and a trendy ambiance doesn't always mean that there's a great meal to be had. In fact, as many of you may already know about me, I'd rather have exquisitely prepared food and zero ambiance versus a mediocre meal at the swankiest restaurant in town.Well, swanky is definitely not the word to describe Singapore's Banana Leaf. In fact, it's a pretty simple set up. It's basically a food stand at the Farmer's Market where you place your order at the counter and if there's room, sit down at the benches right in front of their space and... (more)

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A Side Of Route 66 With My Omelet

By pleasurepalate, published on May 2, 2008

Unassuming on the outside, I wasn't really expecting much from Flappy Jack's Pancake House in Glendora. All I was hoping for was a good breakfast from a place I have never set foot in before. Imagine my surprise when I got a little or actually a lot of Route 66 along with my omelet and pancakes that morning. Granted, the shape of the restaurant sign should have given me a hint of what was to come, especially since Flappy Jack's is on historic Route 66, but I remained completely clueless until I stepped through the doors of the restaurant.Once inside, my eyes were immediately drawn right in... (more)

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I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream...for Cheese?

By pleasurepalate, published on Apr 24, 2008

Yes, as the title suggests, there was lots of screaming for cheese, specifically oooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. So where was all this yelling and carousing happening? Well, at the The 1st 6th Annual National Grilled Cheese Invitational, which was held at Griffith Park this past Saturday. And why were people yelling and carousing? More on that later, but first, let's start our tale with a little bit of background.

Since 2003, organizers from behind the Burning Man festival have been organizing a rowdy grilled cheese sandwich making contest referred to as the Grilled Cheese Invitational.... (more)

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Taiwanese-veggie Goodness At Bean Sprout Cafe

By pleasurepalate, published on Apr 15, 2008

I'm a carnivore through and through. The smell of grilling meat is like the best French perfume to me; however, I also love my veggies and after my less than successful foray into Raw Cuisine last year, I can definitely say that cooked veggies is the way to go. I've been driving past Bean Sprout Cafe, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, for a couple of years now and although I've been curious about it, I was never really motivated to check it out. One day, after a heavily-meat based dinner the night before, I was in the mood for something different and like a siren's song, Bean Sprouts Cafe... (more)

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Building A Burger At The Counter!

By pleasurepalate, published on Feb 4, 2008

On a quest to check out some of LA's best burgers, I found myself at The Counter in Santa Monica. Having heard how busy this restaurant gets, I had my dining group meet me at least half an hour before they opened. While waiting, a couple of us started chatting with two other customers who actually drove from Bakersfield just because they had a burger craving specifically at The Counter. After hearing that, my expectations shot through the roof. That's long drive just for a meat patty in a bun. Those burgers must be stellar.

Finally, the doors opened and we swarmed in. Before... (more)

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The Oki-dog That's More Than Just Okay!

By pleasurepalate, published on Jan 18, 2008

Last week, I went on a morning job interview in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go the way I would have liked, but that's how it goes sometimes. Feeling in a contemplative mood, I decided to forgo the usual freeway rush home and decided to take a more leisure drive along Pico Boulevard, heading East. Having not had breakfast and lunch time near approaching, I decided that if I saw any interesting hole in the wall restaurant along the way, I'd stop for food.

It seemed like I was driving for a long time and with my stomach grumbling, nothing was catching... (more)

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Spaghetti That Just May Shock an Italian Mama!

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 17, 2007

When on the lookout for Japanese dining, usually Little Tokyo comes to mind, but unknown to many, the South Bay, primarily the city of Gardena is also home to one of LA's oldest Japanese communities. Presently, it's a city where the population is about one quarter Japanese-American. What differentiates Gardena from Little Tokyo is that it's still a thriving community where Japanese-Americans work, live, play and eat. For example, Gardena has a Japanese cable station, numerous Japanese churches, stores and newspapers. It's really because of the high concentration of Japanese-Americans still... (more)

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