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Pho Café or Faux Café? Pho Café

By pkafka, published on Mar 19, 2007

Los Angeles is the only city where there is thin line between not trying at all and trying way too hard. For me, Pho Café in Silverlake acts as the perfect proof for this claim. At first glance, Pho Café captures the essence of the outskirts of Hollywood. The clientele is easy to classify in one sense, but very hard in another. I can not tell if the people who frequent Pho are professional bohemians or bohemian professionals. I feel like this place either caters to some of the coolest people in LA, or some of the biggest posers. Like the clientele, the décor and menu of the restaurant keep... (more)

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I Love Santa Monica Beach...You Should too

By pkafka, published on Mar 15, 2007

I think it is safe to say that a lot of people love Los Angeles. On the same note, I think it is also safe to say that although LA has a lot of fans, that each and every fan loves this sprawling city for various and often times very eclectic reasons. Whether for the sexy South American population, the more than sufficient cultural outposts (MOCA, LACMA, Norton Simon, and so much more), the cinematic history that seems to have roots in almost every nook of the city, the weather, or even the celebrities - a lot of people love LA. Although I have multiple reasons for loving this energetic enigma,... (more)

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Occidental Baseball: A Strong Start to a Hopeful Season

By pkafka, published on Jan 29, 2007

With academic and athletic powerhouses such as UCLA and USC in the area, the athletic accomplishments of Occidental college are often overlooked. For those of you who do not know, Occidental college is a selective liberal arts institution in the Pasadena/Eagle Rock area. With a total of approximately 1,800 students, the population at Occidental college does not even come close to rivaling USC or UCLA, but the quality of entertainment can be just as good. Although Occidental is known as an academic before athletics college, its accomplishments on the fields are just as impressive as its accomplishments... (more)

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