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Five Most Heinous Web Design Crimes

By Pixels Logo Design, published on Sep 10, 2016

A good web design is purely subjective. What might seem like a good design to one may not appeal to the other. Everyone has a different opinion of what constitutes a good web page. Some like flashy websites with fancy graphics, some like loading their page with content, some like to put forward a modern, sleek design while others believe that design doesn’t matter but functionality does, like Craigslist where web design is not the primary concern but that doesn’t mean the site failed, in fact, it is one of the most successful and popular websites in the world.

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5 Logo Design Trends We Should Immediately Say Goodbye To

By Pixels Logo Design, published on Sep 6, 2016

Has it ever happened to you that you looked back on your life and thought how stupid was I? Why did I ever do that? It happens to me every day when Facebook shows my memories and I keep wondering why was I ever that stupid. Everyone has regrets, things they could go back and change. Similar is the case with logo & graphic designers. Many logo designers look back on their work and often cringe at some of their work mostly because design industry evolves continuously and what might seem like a new hot trend right now would look cheesy in a few months.

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3 Tricks for a Logo Maker to Design Your Animals Logo Design

By Pixels Logo Design, published on Aug 12, 2016

Animals have always been the key strength in most industrial identities and are solely responsible for the colossal profits an organization reaps in terms of the reach a specific industry creates & obviously the product would play the secondary role. – This is the truth! No matter how good a product the primary reason why a customer would want to walk in to a store, a website, or even read a banner or a pamphlet is because of the logo makers creativity to be able to incorporate attractive effects within an Animals and Pets Logo Design or on the contrary, for any other industry.

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