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Exclusive interview Don Durant

By Phil Andrews, published on Dec 4, 2007

Picture Left to Right Don Durant, and Georgia Woodbine, Author, Speaker, Life Coach - Products that Move You! Q: How long have you been writing? A: I have been an author of books for the past three years. I have written several plays, over the past twenty five years. Q: What type of plays have you written? A:I have tried my hand at gospel musicals, foreign intrigue dramas, and comedies. Q: Is there a genre you prefer, or are better at? A: I enjoy comedy, because you can tell right away if your points are made, by the responsive laughter. Dramas have a way of digging more... (more)

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Mayor Ernest D. Davis Proclaims Georgia Woodbine Day

By Phil Andrews, published on Nov 20, 2007

Mount Vernon, NY - Mayor Ernest D. Davis & City of Mount Vernon Proclaims Oct 8 Georgia Woodbine Day Georgia Woodbine, National Best Selling Author, Speaker and Life Coach has represented the 70,000 citizens of Mount Vernon across the US. Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon congratulated Georgia Woodbine on the behalf of the City of Mount Vernon. Source: PA Public Relations Company Nov 18, 2007 -- Mount Vernon, New York - On October 8, 2007 Mayor Ernest D. Davis and City of Mount Vernon proclaimed October 8, 2007 Georgia Woodbine Day in the City of Mount Vernon.... (more)

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Actor Kevin Byrd Garners International Headlines

By Phil Andrews, published on Nov 13, 2007

Award Winning Actor 26 Yr. Old Kevin Byrd Garners International Headlines for Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign. Kevin Byrd has been active promoting awareness of Prostate Cancer since the age of 24 through speaking at public forums, distribution of literature and active promotion at his one-man show “Release”. Kevin Byrd’s International Headlines appeared in The Epoch Times September 20 -26, 2007 Edition pg. A3 article titled Brooklyn Byrd Flies High – Up-and-coming actor raises awareness about prostate cancer. The Epoch Times is published in 30 countries across five continents, and... (more)

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Publicity Campaign Strategies for Small Businesses

By Phil Andrews, published on Nov 12, 2007

Publicity Campaign for Small Businesses have the ability to win the war for Small Businesses over a period of time. Brand awareness takes time and specific strategies for any small business to reap its benefits. Publicity campaigns should be based of specific goals of each particular business. Every business should map out a well designed plan to take advantage of newsworthy items that appear in their business on a regular basis. The problem arises with most small businesses is that they are so consumed with many of the day to day activities that public relations campaigns get put on the... (more)


Black Business is certainly “The Little engine"

By Phil Andrews, published on Nov 11, 2007

Black Business is certainly “The Little engine that could change America”. As I write this article, the story of John H. Johnson Founder of Jet and Ebony Magazine served as a great inspiration for writing “The Little Engine that could Change America” article today. In a book about the life of Mr. John H. Johnson titled “Succeeding against the Odds” I learned that if you develop people self-interest they will develop your self-interest. He inspired me to a life of service to others, and I am forever grateful of his impact on my life. Mr. John H. Johnson life served as a great inspiration... (more)


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