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The English Question

By Peter Townsend, published on Sep 24, 2014

The UK will never be the same again. That at least is beyond dispute. The broadcaster Richard Weight writing on the BBC website charts the rise of Scottish nationalism and the gradual erosion of Britishness within the UK. He highlights the threat that Scottish nationalism poses to the future of the Union. He does not however consider fully the impact on the English of Scottish devolution, preferring instead to emphasise the growth of the SNP.

No-one can deny that nationalism is on the rise in the UK, with forty-five percent of voters in the recent Scottish referendum voting to leave... (more)


Social Networking For Dads

By Peter Townsend, published on Jan 17, 2014

For many new dads fatherhood is an overwhelming experience. The sleepless nights, the daily routine of baby care fitted in around the normal daily employment. Then as the baby starts to get older the challenges don't really go away they just grow and develop as your child grows. It is true that there is a lot of help available for parents. The problem for Dads is that so much of the help is targeted at Mums. No-one would deny that Mums have enormous parenting challenges to face but it is time that we recognized that Dads need help and support just as much as Mums do. One of the best ways to... (more)

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What Your Business Can Learn From Coca-Cola

By Peter Townsend, published on Nov 30, 2013

Anyone running a business understands the importance of advertising. It doesn't matter how well established your business may be without advertising it will eventually whither and die, everyone knows that, but why is that true? Part of the reason is because advertising reaches new people who don't know about your product or services, but if that was the main reason it wouldn't explain why household names like Coca-Cola and BMW still advertise. Everyone already knows all about them, and it is really very unlikely that your decision to purchase or not to purchase a can of Coca-Cola or a new BMW... (more)


Building a Social Media Community for Your Brand

By Peter Townsend, published on Nov 29, 2013

Have you heard about Thinspiration yet? If you haven't you can read about it here. This worrying new trend has recently been identified by doctors in Oklahoma. Women are using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to post quotes and pictures to inspire one another to engage in extreme weight loss. The weight loss is achieved through a dangerous combination of over-exercising and barely eating. Thinspiration eventually results in patients with protruding hip bones, or ribs that can be seen through the skin. There have always been people with eating disorders. The difference with thinspiration is... (more)

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