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It's Not Easy Being Green!

By pennylane986, published on Apr 27, 2009

From bicyclists wearing helmets combing the foggy hillsides near Mori Point to the outdoor, hands-on compost seminars at the Pacifica Gardens, this years Pacifica Beach Coalition Earth Day event was a huge success. An estimated 3,000 volunteers came out for this year’s event including those individuals at school-wide events. At the Earth Day celebration following the morning clean up at Sharp Park Beach, a large 20 yard dumpster was filled to the brim with trash as well as three large truckloads [over 1000 pounds] of recycling. “We want Pacifica to be a model for other cities, to show that... (more)

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Wheel Continues To Turn In Parkview Hair Of North Beach

By pennylane986, published on Dec 16, 2008

Tony Balistreri sits his client down in his 1940s barber chair next to a worn wooden bar. Its lackluster varnish shows years of use and next to it is a big, vintage yellow sink. He takes scissors and a neck razor and begins a classic cut. Parkview Hair has been modernized since it opened in 1948, but customers can still get old-fashioned service. “I came to the US in January 1962 and I entered New York on a boat,” Balistreri revealed. He grew up in Sicily and learned professional hair-cutting skills when he was 12. He dresses professionally with slacks, dress shoes, a collared shirt... (more)

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Lads And Lassies Go Global For Cancer Research In Scotland

By pennylane986, published on Dec 14, 2008

As rain came down and dark skies dampened spirits at Cancer Research UK’s first Relay for Life event at the Donald Dewar Centre in West Glasgow, Scotland- out of a bus came the Pacifica Relay for Life team One World, One Cure, with bright purple American Cancer Society jackets and hats that read “Cancer Warrior.” To celebrate life and fight for a cure in our lifetime in such conditions truly is the definition of a Cancer Warrior, and One World, One Cure made lasting friendships and had moving, life changing experiences throughout their travels. Team leaders Mary Ellen Forrest... (more)

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When did we become so- um, awkward?

By pennylane986, published on Jun 6, 2007

She walks out of Cafe 101 at San Francisco State, grips her coffee and walks swiftly to her first class in Burk Hall. Its 7:45 AM. I book for the elevator next to her, running to be on time for work in the Deans office as I see her round the corner and press the button. She catches my hurried look from the corner of her eye. Out of breath from my parking garage sprint a half mile across campus, hair already a wreck from fog and mascara most likely melting, I have arrived, and then the awful sound- "DING!" as the elevator closes nearly on my face. Thanks for holding the elevator. Its the same... (more)

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Young SF filmmakers bring a fresh take to science fiction

By pennylane986, published on Jun 5, 2007

Cruising down the streets of Alameda, Red Hot Chili Peppers blaring, Matthew Elium turns, yells “It’s a TV!” and has Spenser Nottage turn his yellow station wagon abruptly to go back and pick up a discarded television or some other pivotal set piece from someone else’s junk heap. Young, aspiring filmmakers like 21-year-old Nottage and Elium of Bay Area based Quandary Film and Animation will tap into all creative resources to make their sets look like a fantastical world, a place for their actors to interact, a place they have never seen before. Nottage and Elium spend long hours working... (more)

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Activism is alive in all forms in SF

By pennylane986, published on Apr 29, 2007

Signs are held high against the morning sun peeking through the financial district high rises and trees, young activists purchase coffee at an equal trade coffee house while two doors down a line of SFPD snake out of Starbucks. A man hands out literature and the Code Pink for Peace ladies are out en force with feather boas, hats and the like. Floral peace signs, caricature masks of Bush and Cheney, even some fashionably clothed dogs wearing signs that read “Panting for Peace” welcomes one to promote the end of war in San Francisco. Thousands of people embarked on San Francisco's Justin... (more)

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Italians taking North Beach back for the younger generation

By pennylane986, published on Mar 30, 2007

The rumble of restaurant owners espousing their fine Italian cuisine, tourists mingled with locals bantering in sidewalk cafes, and a wild mix of colors as varied as the famed Italian gelato tempting passers-by through café windows welcomes you to San Francisco’s North Beach. Long time residents and business owners of the city’s North Beach, affectionately known as Little Italy, feel that Chinatown is encroaching on their neighborhood, causing the area to be smaller than it has ever been. Young Italian blood is moving back into the neighborhood, taking over restaurants and delis with skills... (more)

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Evangelical youth group Battlecry brings protest in SF

By pennylane986, published on Mar 29, 2007

Nearly 1,000 evangelical Christian youth of Don Luce’s organization Battlecry stormed San Francisco’s City Hall Friday with a message that popular culture and media conglomerations are spending billions of dollars to enslave America’s youth. The event was countered by a group calling themselves “The World Can’t Wait: Drive out the Bush Regime.” High school students and college interns adorned in trendy, graphically designed religious apparel held signs high and sang in prayer for youth and San Francisco, countered by a smaller group of protestors from the city. Battlecry will be... (more)

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