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By PATRICK PETION, published on Mar 3, 2011

word of the declaration of independence. Endowed by their creator, the right of freedom, liberty, and life; powerful word or philosophi which had influence the western hemisphere for centurys. A new era,which rejecting several foundational assumptions that dominated most earlier theories of government, such as hereditary status,absolute monarchy, and the divine right of king. the enlightenment era had confer the power to the person. the citizen become the center of the state in order word they have a natural right, no longer a group of person or just one monarch would decide for everyone else,... (more)


Isn't judging wrong

By PATRICK PETION, published on Mar 3, 2011

Advising a friend a sign of love. true love that is as fresh as the morning breeze, at a Caribbean island. it has that power to revitalize the inner person, while energizing and inspiring the recipient.

while sweat and refreshing, it must be welcoming and done with love and appreciation then it can be effective. unwell come advise are nothing else than a judgement. judging has no beneficial end to it, only hurt and misery come from it.

Nevertheless, those attach to the concept of our society are prompt to judge. it seem as some might find delight on judging others, even when not... (more)


The secret history of the American left. part 1

By PATRICK PETION, published on Feb 28, 2011

the author Jonah Goldberg gave us an inside in the philosophy of the left and their real origin, present the real source of their doctrinal roots. The left constantly rewriting history so they can hide their real agenda, but as a student and a lover of history you can debunk them.

Mussolini was glorify by the left as a great man and a champion of socialist movement. In 1923 the journalist F Marcoson of the New York time wrote admiringly about Mussolini: He is a latin Teddy Roosevelt who first act and then inquires if it is legal.he had been a great service to italy at home. Also in a... (more)


liberalism is a sickness

By PATRICK PETION, published on Feb 22, 2011

Liberalism is not only evil but it is eminently a sickness, a sickness base on the notion of resentment. Resentment is a hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one's frustration, it also can perceive as an assignation of blame for your own frustration. it has the sense of weakness or inferiority and jealousy in the face of the cause generates a rejecting a norm and society value system, or morality, that can attacks while denies the perceived source of one's frustration. it all about the liberal own ego who creates enemy to insulate itself from culpability. if you know... (more)


the enlightenment era

By PATRICK PETION, published on Feb 22, 2011

of the intellectual and the sentimental revolt which brought about the French revolution and the American revolution. He had also influenced wordsworth in England and perhaps unworthily Kant in germany.Therefore when it come to the new idea of the 18 and 19 century a better understanding of European history and the philosopher of the 18 century particularly Rousseau whom was the pioneer of those idea would be needed to understand. The doctrine of la bonte naturelle, the idea that man is by nature good, has help to shape the face of a new society, were the person become more important than the... (more)


Culture of poverty

By PATRICK PETION, published on Oct 19, 2010

For more than 40 years social scientist investigating the causes of poverty have tended to treat cultural explanation like lord voldemort: that which most not be name. The reticence was a legacy of the ugly battles that erupted after Daniel Patrick Moynihan introduce the idea of a culture of poverty to the public in a startling 1965 report. The term culture in this case is define as: the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an institution organization or group. His description of the Urban black family as caught in an inescapable tangle of pathology of unmarried... (more)


The Socialist Utopians

By PATRICK PETION, published on Oct 8, 2010

Well it no news that the communism has collapsed, and communist Leaders are fleecing six figure honoraria fees, for speeches devoted to the ridiculous idea that we did not win the cold war,it's time we reidentify today's biggest threat to the american way of life.. it's definitely what Limbaugh called the socialist utopian. Despite what it sounds like, they are not a rock group from MTV or a new age religious cult from Southern Boston. They are a great many people who belong to this or that activist group. there is a common bond which spiritually unite these people, which is that attitude of... (more)


real conservative.

By PATRICK PETION, published on Oct 8, 2010

what ever happen to all good conservative

why only those moron who pretend to be conservative are here.

can we conservative ever have a real voice.

why so much money wasted to destroy the heart of our society.

why those aristocrat European want to come back to control our live.

when we left Europe we thought it was the end of the aristocracy reign

now they follow us and to their immoral society they which to impose their value on us.

why communism is become the new thing of the world when you know it is evil.

do you really know what make... (more)


Welfare Isn't Compassion

By PATRICK PETION, published on May 6, 2009

liberal love to ask are we a compassionate society or if there is no welfare system how we will help the poor. to a person of liberal persuasion compassion includes the concept that there is an obligation on the part of the government to right a perceived injustice to a class of people who are perceived to have been wronged. the problem with such view is right a wrong by offering help to a group will only diminish their ability to become self reliance , they will see it as a favor than as something they ought to have. liberty, freedom, and properity is a natural right it does not come from... (more)

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So What If Obama Is Black

By PATRICK PETION, published on Mar 17, 2009

I am a black man, not an african American, actually no one is an African American, because Africa and America are two continent so you can't clam to be part of both continent at the same time. you can be a blackUS citizen from United State of America or you can be a black born from a country in Africa. We refer to our race as the black race because for the fact thatit exist 5 race as johann friedrich blumenbach entitled his 1775 text; that established the five major division of human race still reflected in some racial clasification which are the caucasoid race, mongoloid race, Ethiopian race... (more)

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