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3 Brands That Make Life Easier for Women

By Olivia Grey, published on Jul 2, 2015

An extensive part of the traffic generated by Ecommerce websites comprises women across classes and professions; statistics suggest that they spend a lot more time browsing through these sites as compared to men. Thus, the growth of ecommerce is largely indebted to its female customers. In India, if one browses through the most popular online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong etc., it is noticeable that a very large part of their business is dedicated to women’s apparel, accessories etc. as compared to men’s or other gender-neutral categories. Especially, given the... (more)

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4 Considerations for Effective Data Backup & Remote Storage

By Olivia Grey, published on May 12, 2015

There are several factors that go into selecting a high quality data center provider as the location for your backup data. Here we’ll cover five considerations that will help you create the ideal data backup solution.


Companies backup their data to ensure a recovery should disaster strike their primary data center hosting site. So it doesn’t make sense to host your backup data in a location that has an equal or greater disaster risk profile. For this reason many companies choose to host their data infrastructure, especially data backup and data storage infrastructure,... (more)

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Stock Analysis Tools and its Usage

By Olivia Grey, published on May 7, 2015

Do you want to minimize your risks and maximize profits when it comes to stock analysis? Then you should try stock analysis tools. Gone are the days when you had to work for hours, burn your back and analyze for days before you went ahead and invested in stocks for yourself or your clients.

Stock analysis tools as the phrase suggests, refers to the analysis of particular trading stocks. It is an instrument used in investment sector for investors and traders to make buying or selling decisions based on the current market. These tools study and evaluate the past data, compare it... (more)

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How is the Barcode Beneficial for your Business?

By Olivia Grey, published on Apr 30, 2015

Barcodes were first used on a pack of chewing gums in 1974. And since then, they have evolved to be included in some of the most popular products available in the market. In fact, barcode key tags are universal to stores and seen as a necessity for growth and prosperity of business. In fact, they serve as simple, effective ways of tracking your inventory. Perhaps, that’s the reason why they are so important to your business.

Here are some of the main benefits of introducing barcode key tags to your business.

Increased operational efficiency

Whether you are a start-up... (more)

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Electronic Screen Wipes - The Safe and Scratch-Free Method

By Olivia Grey, published on Mar 29, 2015

A number of people who use laptops, smart phones, tablets and flat-screen televisions complain that the screen of their electronics tend to develop small scratches when they remove away those smudges. And that’s actually an issue that most urban people face. While cleaning electronics and screens is essential, most people fail to do it the right way. They use clothes, tissue papers, abrasive cleaners and even water to clean screen, which in the end leaves scratches and sometimes, may even cause issues like short-circuiting or malfunctioning of the screen.

So, make sure that you... (more)

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What is Air Compressor Used For: A Guide

By Olivia Grey, published on Mar 11, 2015

The introduction of the air compressors has brought a revolutionary change in how things work in today’s mechanical world. The air compression technology applies to a wide area from inflating small toys to operating jack hammers.

What is an air compressor? The answer is simple. An air compressor is nothing but a device that stores compressed air to produce work for later use. The device compresses the air into very small volume hence increasing the pressure, which can be even used to lift heavy objects depending on the power of the air compressor being used. There are different... (more)

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