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The Truth Behind Common HVAC Myths

By olivia, published on Mar 24, 2018

With April Fools’ Day around the corner, practical jokes and hoaxes are par for the course.But be wary of the myths and misconceptions that are perpetuated all year round about the HVAC industry. From convenient half-truths to gross inaccuracies, a lot of this information has been accepted as fact. Unfortunately, these falsehoods harm the industry, and the worst part is, they mislead homeowners in areas like Phoenix and Tampa where air conditioning is essential for keeping fit and healthy during the summer months. You must separate fact from fiction to avoid getting played for a fool.... (more)

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How To Check The Authenticity Of Silver Bullions

By olivia, published on Feb 27, 2018

If you are exploring ways to reduce risks in your investment portfolio, bullion coins come up as an excellent option. Cast from precious metals like gold, silver and even platinum, these coins are purchased solely for investment purposes. As opposed to numismatic coins, which are considered collectibles, and valued by their rarity, the price of bullion coins directly depends on their metal contents. The bullion prices may frequently fluctuate in tandem with the ups and downs in the international metal markets. Investing in bullions is an expensive affair, and as a newbie in this field, you... (more)

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Combating EMI: Does Textile Make a Viable Solution?

By olivia, published on Jan 2, 2018

Widespread electromagnetic radiation is the byproduct of the mass adoption of electronic devices and wireless systems. This unwanted energy radiation triggers a crosstalk between electrical and electronic equipment, eventually causing all of them to malfunction. Over-exposure to such radiations is also harmful to human health. Providing solution to this problem is, therefore, a top concern for researchers and industry players. One of the ways of containing electromagnetic radiation is using a shield that can efficiently handle free charges within a circuit. Metallic gaskets have long been a... (more)

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Installing Solar Panels In Tampa Homes: A Few Questions Answ

By olivia, published on Oct 7, 2017

Florida is blessed with 230 days of sunlit days on an average. This very reason prompted the state legislature to adopt 'The Sunshine City' nickname officially. Among the cities in Florida, Tampa is one of the most prominent zones that receives 2,070 hours of sunshine. No wonder, the former Florida governor and present representative of Florida in the United States House of Representatives, Charlie Crist, has urged citizens and enterprises in Florida to adopt more solar energy in their day to day living and operations. In 2009, the average cost of installing residential panels was about $30,000.... (more)

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By olivia, published on Aug 11, 2017

According to a 2013 NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) survey, consumers expressed a desire to see more alternative fuel-powered vehicles on the roads within the next 10 years, and they were open to the idea of buying such a vehicle later. Fast forward four years and this “prophecy” has somewhat come true; 2016 witnessed electric vehicle sales in the country climb three times higher than the number sold in 2012.

You might be wondering how all this relates to you? Here you are, wondering how can I get people to buy my RV, and here I am prattling on about facts and statistics.... (more)


RV-ERS Can Convert Rainwater into Drinking Water: Here’s How

By olivia, published on Jul 10, 2017

We take water for granted. The moment we need fresh, clean water, we simply turn on the faucet and out flows the liquid. But the truth is, it isn’t that easily available everywhere, and it is certainly not something that we may waste. RV-ers understand this all too well. After all, when you’re living full-time in a bus conversion you bought on sale, you have to make do with a limited supply of water.

Fresh water is hard to come by when you’re traveling through desolate areas, which means you do not have the luxury of wasting water. That’s why you start thinking more conservatively as... (more)

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5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Retirement Annuity

By olivia, published on Jun 9, 2017

Investing in an annuity as part of the retirement strategy is a smart investment for people approaching their retirement. More than anything else, they offer the assurance that a retiree will always have the much-needed fund even during the time when (s) he outlives the savings. However, deciding on the type of annuity is not quite simple. If you are considering opting for an annuity program to secure your retirement years, ask yourself the following five most important questions before making a selection:

1. Which Annuity Should I Choose?

There are different types of retirement... (more)

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By olivia, published on Mar 16, 2017

One of the most exciting aspects of building a custom home is that you get to make it perfect. When you build your new home from scratch, you are free to add every drool-worthy feature that you had always craved for. However, you must stay away from falling into a ‘feature-trap’ — a situation when you end up investing in items that you do not need or do not plan to use frequently while ignoring the features that matter. This is where the relevance of hiring an experienced builder lies. For instance, if you are planning to build on your lot in Florida, a good builder might suggest a guest room... (more)

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By olivia, published on Feb 17, 2017

No matter how prepared you are before flying with your pet dog or cat, you may still feel nervous. Will your pet be comfortable traveling in air cargo? Is the temperature too high? Will your Fido need to go to the bathroom? Pet relocation can be a stressful experience if you are unsure what to do and what not to do. Fret not. You can become a savvy and smart traveler and enjoy flying with your pet as long as you avoid the following three common mistakes:

1. Choosing the Wrong Time to Fly

When your pet is flying in the cargo hold, booking an afternoon flight will make him extremely... (more)

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By olivia, published on Feb 13, 2017

Are you looking forward to crack a fabulous cash-for-motor home deal? Know what? A few not-so-expensive tweaks can pay off big-time, and may even help you sell your rig faster. However, you'll have to provide your buyers something that matters to them. RV tire cover is one such item that can make your offer more attractive. How? First of all, the investment gives your prospects an impression that you are very particular about protecting each and every part of your RV against wear and tear. (In other words, you have taken good care of your RV.) Secondly, when you offer a set of covers as part... (more)


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