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Age of Innocence

By Olina Stefansson, published on Jan 29, 2007

As a parent I frequently find myself involuntarily watching children's TV. And I have to admit that these gatherings around the box slightly infuriate me. Anyone who has any experience with children knows their creative imagination. Their endless ability to create logic out of completely illogical situations. Children also possess a natural interest in dramatic situations and emotions. They usually (thank whoever you like) have an instinctive compassion for others and intuitively read complex situations far sooner than we adults. They are incredibly sensitive to atmosphere even though they may... (more)

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The crying game

By Olina Stefansson, published on Jan 16, 2007

Watching the Golden Globes last night made me think about the different ways people choose to present themselves. And the big question is: “Why do Americans have to be so cheesy”? What is it with the badly acted humble crumble behaviour. The obvious insincerity and vanity. The only and I repeat the only exceptions among the award winning actors were Meryl Streep and Eddie Murphy who seemed to have the self respect not to portray them self's like fools. How come that the foreign actors seem capable to give good acceptance speeches? Both Huge Laurie and Jeromy Irons managed to be funny,... (more)

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