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Education without borders

By nycfashionista5, published on May 7, 2007

A new start or beginning takes place everyday and everywhere. For most people on the Queens Campus of St. John's University, a new beginning started with the first day on campus or the first day on the job. Freshman Laura Ibarra, 18, has had many new beginnings, including her first steps to St. John's University's campus in August 2006. Traveling from her home country of Mexico with her mother, Laura and new found St. John’s friend Sergio Cueto, 19, a Mexican-American from Texas, was ready to take on New York and college. “I was very nervous and excited,” said Ibarra as she recalled her... (more)

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Best pizza in NYC, as indicated by Rachel Ray

By nycfashionista5, published on May 7, 2007

Staying true to the recipe: Gaby's Pizza

Philadelphia is famous for its cheesesteaks, and New York City is famous for its cheesecake, but last week a Queens eatery hit the number one spot for pizza not dessert.

Off of Hillside Ave. and Francis Lewis Blvd. in Queens Village sits a rather small Italian restaurant called Gaby's Pizza. Serving nearly 1,000 customers per day, Gab'™s Pizzeria'™s top selling plain cheese pies helped gain them recognition on the Rachel Ray Television Show.

On an internet poll, Gaby's was voted number one out of 5,970 pizzerias across New York... (more)

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Last Stop on the Line

By nycfashionista5, published on Feb 5, 2007

Chronic homelessness continues to cause a problem day in and out at the 179th St. F subway train station in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y., according to officials. Both men and women ride the F trains to the last stop on the line. These less fortunate people congregate on the benches inside the station. They bother other passengers, Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) workers and the convenience store located inside the station. Often they venture out of the subway station and trouble the businesses on Hillside Avenue. “Just the other day, I was getting off the F train at 179th and Hillside when... (more)

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