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Interview with Robyn Wheeler, author of

By Novel Noise, published on Oct 10, 2011

About Robyn Wheeler

After several years of chronic anger, depression and frustration, Robyn Wheeler was diagnosed with a low-grade chronic depression known as Dysthymia. Dysthymia is categorized as a mood disorder and often goes undiagnosed by those suffering from it as well as mental health professionals. Now on medication to help her deal with a mental disorder, Robyn has written a book about her journey, thoughts of suicide and her courage and determination to become “normal”.

Born Mad will shed light on chronic anger, how it festers to the point of wanting to do harm to yourself... (more)

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My Lifelong Love Affair With Hoopties by Alretha Thomas

By Novel Noise, published on Sep 15, 2011

My Lifelong Love Affair With Hoopties

According to several urban dictionaries, your car is a hooptie if it has three or more of the following characteristics: a cracked windshield, a busted side mirror, it’s covered in primer spots, the bumper is hanging on for dear life, it has more dings and dents than the law allows, it has a raggedy interior, and missing hubcaps. Based on the aforementioned, I’ve been driving hoopties my entire life.

My grandfather introduced me to my first hooptie in 1978. I had just graduated from high school and was scheduled to attend USC in the fall.... (more)


The Curse of Commas

By Novel Noise, published on Sep 15, 2011

The Curse of The Commas

They pause.

Waiting to crawl into crevices, they embed themselves. Like squirming ink maggots, they twist words and skew thoughts, threatening suffocation.

I know. I'm a chronic victim of The Curse of the Commas.

It's a serious assault. Everyone knows only amateurs abuse commas. Professionals like me, an author of nineteen published books and hundreds of articles, are never victims to these dreaded creatures. Wrong! These miniscule terrorists creep into my words like sleeper cells igniting literary dirty bombs. I watch and wait, yet still... (more)

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Interview with author Bonnie Trachtenberg

By Novel Noise, published on Sep 8, 2011

Bonnie Trachtenberg worked as Senior Writer and Copy Chief at Book-of-the-Month Club and has written seven children’s book adaptations. She’s also written for three newspapers, and has penned countless magazine articles.Wedlocked is her first novel. She lives on Long Island with her husband, stepchildren, and cats.

What inspired you to write your first book?

My first marriage, which was brief and disastrous. The events of the wedding and honeymoon were so bizarre they begged to be recreated in the setting of a novel.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes. In... (more)

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Interview with author Lynn Voedisch

By Novel Noise, published on Sep 8, 2011

Lynn Voedisch is a Chicago journalist and fiction writer with many years experience working for newspapers and magazines. She is a member of the America Society of Journalists and Authors and the Society of Midland Authors, where she is one the board of directors. She started out as editor of her college newspaper at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, and went on to work for WBBM-TV, Chicago; Pioneer Press in suburban Chicago, the Los Angeles Times, and spent a 17-year stint at the Chicago Sun-Times. She was an entertainment reporter and technology reporter there and helped develop the newspaper’s... (more)

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Interview with David Brown, author of

By Novel Noise, published on Sep 8, 2011

David Brown was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and first conceived the idea of the Elencheran Chronicles at college in 1999. He spent ten years compiling the history of Elenchera, resulting in 47,000+ years of events, 500+ maps, 2000+ pages, several short stories and many much-needed acquaintances with Jack Daniels.

David also has a blog, The World According to Dave (, which features reviews, stories and dramatic tales of the horrors of owning cats.

David now lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with his wife, Donna, and their six cats.

Fezariu’s... (more)

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Interview: Author James Mace

By Novel Noise, published on Aug 24, 2011

About James Mace

Since I can remember I have always had a passion for history. My love of Roman history started when I first watched the series “I, Claudius”. I then proceeded to read every Roman book I could get my hands on.

I got my start writing bodybuilding and physical fitness articles, as well as a lesser-know magazine, HardCore Muscle. I turned to writing historical novels when I was in Iraq. My intent was to write the stories that I wanted to read, but could not find. While we may hear stories about the Emperors and Generals of antiquity, we almost... (more)

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Interview: Lynne McTaggart, author of

By Novel Noise, published on Aug 15, 2011

About Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an investigative journalist and author, and a sought-after public speaker whose talks and workshops have transformed the lives of the thousands around the world who have heard her.

She is also an accomplished broadcaster, who has appeared on many national tv and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra shows.

The hallmark of her work is exhaustive research that produces science-based discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health.

She edits the monthly health journal What Doctors Don’t... (more)

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Interview with author Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows

By Novel Noise, published on Aug 9, 2011

About Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows

Being the frizzy-haired tomboy with buck teeth gave Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows a slight case of shyness as a kid. A colorful imagination meant escape and adventure at the drop of a hat.

Over the years she learned that the insecurities she carried around were a waste of time. Elizabeth still prefers a football game to a manicure any day of the week. That indispensable imagination has found its way into her writing providing a sense of joy and true purpose.

You can visit Elizabeth’s website

About Alexander... (more)

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Interview with author Lory Kaufman

By Novel Noise, published on Jun 15, 2011

About Lory Kaufman

“I write Post-Dystopian fiction. After society’s collapse, which is imagined in so many great dystopian stories, humans will either fade into history, with the dinosaurs, or, if it learns the right lessons, society will go on to construct a civilization to last tens of thousands of years. History Camp stories are the exciting adventures of young people doing the latter.” -Lory Kaufman On the artistic side of Lory’s career, he’s written, acted and directed children’s theatre and musical theatre. He enjoys art, especially sculpture. He loves science fiction... (more)

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