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Options to Stay Connected When Moving

By njysandy, published on Dec 15, 2016

In the digital era, having an internet connection to your home is almost as much of a necessity as garnering gas, running water or electricity connected to it. And when you have decided to pack and move into a new place - whether down the street or across the state - staying connected to the internet is paramount. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss work email, favorite Netflix shows or chats with friends because you are moving, would you?

The good thing is that today’s technology has made huge leaps and bounds, allowing you to have internet connection virtually anywhere... (more)

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5 of the Best Short Hairstyles for Black Men

By njysandy, published on Oct 19, 2016

Hairstyle: what it is to you? The last thing you should not forget before stepping out or your sharpest weapon to stand apart in the crowd? Be whatever your priority is, to spice your attire up, there are thousands of different hairstyles that can be broadly classified into two categories: long hairstyles and short hairstyles. Today, we will be discussing some of the Best Short Hairstyles for Black Man.

1. Full Natural Men Hairstyle

When you yourself has a bunch of voluminous curly black hair, what more do you need else to style? Keep the crown of the hair naturally curly... (more)

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What Makes A Home Great Like Rome

By njysandy, published on Aug 24, 2016

There is just one place that is like no other place, that one place that gives you that magical feeling of a pilgrim who finally arrives at his/her destination after days and days of wandering, that arm waiting for you after you have had a rough and hectic day, that place that puts you in shape. wondering what I am talking about? Its home.

That is why there is no other place that deserves that perfect sense of elegance, style, and class than your first personal contact point at home – your living room, and you would agree with me that one of the important components that gives... (more)

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5 Reasons Why CRM is Important for Small Businesses

By njysandy, published on Jun 20, 2016

Incorporating the best customer experience management practices is a matter of the utmost importance not just for smooth workflow but also of strategic importance. Though they may not directly bring in more revenue to the company but they drastically increase the brand value and customer acquisition along with customer retention. One such method to improve the customer experience is by integrating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). A small business CRM can store your customer and prospect contact information, sales opportunities, and account leads all in one location which then... (more)


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