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What's Wrong With The Development Industry?

By neil6, published on Jan 20, 2012

We're not going to feature any one single life in this post, rather we'll look at what's good and bad about the Self Development industry and how it compares to 'Life Cycles'. I read estimates of the annual value of this industry as being around $10 billion, so there is no doubt it is big business. There are undoubtedly many sincere and professionally trained practitioners, who are providing a service to those who feel the need for extra motivation. But there are two major criticisms about the books written and products offered.

The first major area of concern is the attempt to link... (more)

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Will The Word End Dec. 21st 2012?

By neil6, published on Nov 29, 2011

If I type in '2012 blogs' to Google, it brings up a staggering 261,000,000 items. Now they may not all be individual blogs, but it would be safe to say if you hadn't heard about all the gloom and doom merchants you're probably 'living under a rock!' So the big question is:- "Will it happen?" I've got to say straight up that I don't know anymore than anyone else. It may all happen Dec. 21, 2012, or it may happen May 6, 2010, or Jan. 4, 2025 or April 12, 2130. But the odds on it or any other 'end of world' scenario being correct are infinitesimally small.

So let's examine the main claim... (more)

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Cadel Evans Life Cycles-At The Top Of The Mountain

By neil6, published on Oct 28, 2011

Hello for October. My next guest is very big news in the sport of cycling and both a proud Australian and a true world figure- Cadel Evans. Without a doubt this gruelling cycling marathon around France must be one of the greatest endurance sporting events on the calendar. My son is very fit and an avid cyclist. A little while ago he completed just one leg of the contest, involving the hilliest part of the Tour. Keen amateurs and former racers did this 'for fun' and less than half the field completed the one day torture course. In a totally different way my 'Life Charts' are a theoretical marathon,... (more)

Tags: neil killion, year of revolution, cadel evans, year of broken pathway, tour de france win, life cycles

Steve Jobs-Unique Life Cycles Analysis

By neil6, published on Oct 18, 2011

Steve's untimely death has been big news recently. He is a 'one of a kind' businessman and entepreneur, whose showmanship is already missed by Apple, after so shart a time. He simply cannot be replaced. Many obituaries and tribute articles have been written, but only this one will feature the totally unique 'Life Cycles' theory as applied to his life. Now I'm not much of an IT type (strictly home grown), so I decided to do some research on why Apple were putting an 'i' in front of products like an iPod? The answer for the iPod, was back in 2000 a consultant likened the new product to a scene... (more)

Tags: steve jobs, unique life cycles analysis. the spple mac era, the pixar era, neil killion, year of revolution, year of broken pathways

Life Cycles of Novak Djokovic

By neil6, published on Oct 8, 2011

Few will doubt the sincerity of Novak Djokovic's acceptance speech when he said:-"This is the happiest day of my life". Not only No.1 world ranking, but beating his arch rival Raphael Nadal at the pinnacle of tennis-the Wimbledon final. What a superb match, in which he demonstrated in the second set, complete command over Nadal. I call it 'primal tennis'. When he won the long rallies with brute force, he raised his fist and shouted and so did his box. I'm a keen tennis player and I knew this was something special. Nadal admitted he had to go back to the drawing board in his post-match interview.... (more)

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