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One Small Step-Neil Armstrong and 'Confluence'

By neil6, published on Sep 2, 2012

Neil Armstrong's recent death brought the world's focus back to the first steps taken by one man, and by logical extension all of mankind, outside of our planet on July 20th, 1969. This is forever enshrined in our history. Now what does it possibly have to do with the theme of this Lesson of posts, known as 'Confluence'? Well this serves as an ideal opportunity for me to look at the next aspect of 'Confluence' and that is having shared time with others in projects, adventures and the like. However long their duration, you are closely relating to usually a small group, for sometimes a very important... (more)

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Lunch At Scotty's

By neil6, published on Aug 18, 2012

It isn't every day of the week that two independent theorists of cycles get together for a chat in real time. Well it happened to me recently, at an unremarkable diner in New York, by the name of Scotty's. Now I'm going to transport you back in time to when the genesis of this get together took place. After writing my first book in 2008 and starting my first blog in 2009, I began to reach out to any group, that may be interested in research into cycles. My computer search led me to an organisation called 'Foundation For The Study of Cycles', who claimed to be interested in all types of cycles... (more)


More On Robert Johns and James Holmes

By neil6, published on Aug 6, 2012

Twenty-four hours can be a long time in cyberspace as we all know. Additional information gets added to Google Search all the time, including my last article. Since I raised a hypothesis in my that article, I thought I'd continue to track it. I'm just that sort of bloody-minded, obesessive reasearcher you see. With 'Life Cycles' I try not to deal in vagaries, and I'm not only concerned about which year of a person's life certain important events happened in, but which part of the year, and sometimes almost unbelievably, to the exact day.

Anyway I did posit, regarding Robert Clinton Johns,... (more)


Was Robert Johns Going To Be The Next James Holmes?

By neil6, published on Aug 1, 2012

I was visiting San Francisco for a couple of days. when I decided to read the Saturday edition of the San Fran. Chronicle. On page one was the story of a homeless man, one Robert Clinton Johns, who has been arrested for possessing illegal weapons, concealed weapons and drug possession for sale. When officers searched his vehicle, which he lived out of, they found a sawed-off shotgun, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, 14 knives and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. He was also wearing military fatigues, that suggested he was gearing up for a gunbattle or attack of unknown proportions. This took place on... (more)

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Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art and Life Cycles

By neil6, published on Jul 13, 2012

Now why would I possibly pick this famous artist? Well, I'm currently in Chicago and I just visited his exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute. I walked in a sceptic, thinking 'who the hell is this guy?' and I walked out a fan. Such a body of work, covering such a diverse range of seemingly mundane subjects. He painted large versions of ordinary household objects like a spray can, or a transistor radio, or sneakers and got your interest straight away. His most famous work, however, was his comic strip re-creations featuring romance and war. This all started in 1961 with his painting of Mickey... (more)


Introducing Confluence-Let's Start With Brad and Angie

By neil6, published on Jun 16, 2012

This is a world-first! I'm going to redefine how you can judge relationships. No longer their star signs, or shared interests and values, or compatible personalities or many other things. No it's all about a brand new term unveiled for you in the brand new 'Life Cycles' theory :-'Confluence'. Now this is not a brand new word and it usually refers to when two bodies of water (often rivers) join together to form one larger and stronger body of water. The new current will increase as the water volume increases. In the same way when 'Confluence' is used in 'Life Cycles' terms, it refers to two... (more)


He Works Hard For No Money-Donna Summer and Life Cycles

By neil6, published on May 26, 2012

People in the news often make for good 'Life Cycles' articles. Donna Summer's recent death at 63 caused me to have a closer look at her life and times. To see whether I can match reasonable turning points in her early career, such as her 'Years of Revolution' at 24 and 36 and her 'Year of Broken Pathways' at 31, is just like a blind test of the theory. Who else in the world of analysis and prediction constructs such a thin framework and then puts it out there to be tested? I'll tell you straight :- "No-one! That's who." For each test I do, it makes things just that bit more statistically certain... (more)


What Have Snooki and Lana Del Rey Got In Common?

By neil6, published on Mar 8, 2012

We're going to get right into pop culture here and ask what has been going on in the lives of two well-known celebs -Snooki and Lana Del Rey-; or to give them their real names Nicole Polizzi and Elizabeth Grant? We will be doing this from the unique perspective of the brand new theory of life lived in twelve year cycles, known simply as 'Life Cycles'. We're going to compare what is happening to these two individuals and what happens to all of us, in a myriad of different ways, at the age of 24. 'Life Cycles' theory says that every 12 years you undergo what amounts to a revolution in your life... (more)


The Incrediblle Case Of Rosa Parks And James Blake

By neil6, published on Feb 21, 2012

In 'Life Cycles' terms you may have noticed that occasionally I make reference to more than one 'significant year' in the life of the person I am analysing. That is; more than one 'Year of Revolution' (eg. what happened at 24 and then maybe 36 or 48) and more than one 'Year of Broken Pathway' (eg. what happened at 19 and 31 or maybe 43). Why would I do this? Well the answer is simple:- If your life is lived in 12 year cycles that are the same, then maybe there is some similarity between the events in your life 12 years apart. I am always careful to add the qualification, that it will be broadly... (more)

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The Revolutions of Vince McMahon-He's Pinned 1,2,3,4,5

By neil6, published on Feb 18, 2012

OK all you wrestling fans (and I put myself in this category having just watched Wrestle-Mania 26), I'm going to tell you a true story about the life of the Chairman Vince McMahon. But of course I tell it like no-one else, because I use the all new and all different 'Life Cycles' analysis, which primarily looks at what happens in a person's 'Revolution Years'. That is every 12 years, which means the ages of 12,24,36,48 and 60 (in Vince's case). I am saying there is an upheaval in your life every 12 years and that it ushers in a new era and that you are not fully in control of events. I just... (more)

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