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The Race For California's Shale Is On!

By neil6, published on Mar 7, 2013

It's America's final frontier for shale and the payout will be huge. Forget about the 1849 gold rush, Hollywood and Disneyland. there's a new kid on the block. If you add up the recoverable resource estimate for the Bakken formation in North Dakota (you must read my article-The Future Is 'Saudi Dakota'), as well as the Eagle Ford in South Texas...then DOUBLE it, you'll get close to the number of recoverable barrels of oil that remain trapped in the heart of this untapped 'mega' shale deposit. Put another way, according to the US Energy Information Administration, this one massive shale... (more)

Tags: monterey shale oil, californian state government attitudes to shale oil, bright future in california

The Future Is In 'Saudi Dakota'

By neil6, published on Mar 1, 2013

If you are looking at the earth from space, what is one of the most impressive new sights you can see in North America, or indeed anywhere else? It used to be the lights of Las Vegas, but today you can see an entirely new city, bigger than New York. This has appeared in the space of just a few years out in the dusty American Mid-West. This 'city' is little known, but is quietly revolutionising the world.

The city in question is the Bakken. In just a few years it has grown from nothing to become the biggest bright spot visible on the North American night landscape. But there is a catch.... (more)

Tags: peak oil, the bakken, us oil independence, shale oil, 'saudi dakota', arckaringa basin, australian shale oil discovery

The Mighty Coconut Has A Lesson For Us All

By neil6, published on Feb 22, 2013

On one particular occasion when Albert Einstein was presiding over a physics final exam, a puzzled student asked him:- "Dr. Einstein, aren't these the same questions as last year's exam?" Einstein replied :- "Yes, but this year the answers are different." In every branch of science, the 'answers' change from year to year, decade to decade. To illustrate the point, let's consider the up-and-down...and up again story of the humble coconut. During World War I, the coconut helped Uncle Sam keep soldiers safe out in the trenches. Gas mask factories used the carbon from charred coconut shells... (more)


The Second Time Around-Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

By neil6, published on Feb 11, 2013

We are going to explore the beginnings of their romance; their brief, disastrous marriage and their second chance, which was cut short by Marilyn's tragic death. I am going to shed a new light on the love life of the uber-famous Marilyn Monroe, using the brand new concept of 'Confluence', taken from the all-new 'Life Cycles' theory. I am going to show you what underlies their somewhat improbable romance and just why they were 'the loves of each others lives', even though Marilyn's behaviour did not always demonstrate this. Be in no doubt, they had a fated life as a couple and could have arguably... (more)

Tags: joe dimaggio, marilyn monroe, life cycles, frank sinatra, confluence, arthur miller, marilyn and joe to remarry

Let's Really Be Individuals

By neil6, published on Feb 1, 2013

Have a good look look at the famous scene from the timeless comedy classic 'Life Of Brian'. Brian of Nazareth addresses the adoring crowd and says he doesn't want people following him. No, he wants people to work things out for themselves. Makes you laugh? Well, it should also make you cringe a bit as well. Are we really 'working out things for ourselves?' Or are we soaking up the mantra of 'collective action' instead? Do you believe your government always knows best and looks after your interests like a sort of benign older relative? I don't and never have.

So let's translate this in... (more)


Sexless In Japan??

By neil6, published on Jan 9, 2013

It seems young men in Japan aren't what they once were. Ryoma Igarashi likes going for long drives in the country, taking photographs of Buddhist temples and growing radishes in his apartment garden. He's a 27 year old television presenter. Meet the new breed of Japanese male, one of the 'soushoku dansi'- or literally 'grass-eating boys'. Media Shakers, a Japanese market research firm, estimates that 60% of men in their early 20's and 42% of 25-34 year olds, consider themselves to be 'grass-eaters'. Whatever happened to chasing secretaries, drinking with the boys and splurging on new cars?... (more)

Tags: humour, japanese lack interest in sex, social and economic impacts of declining population in japan, japanese demographics

The Life And Legend Of St. Kilian

By neil6, published on Jan 3, 2013

My surname is Killion and there are quite a few variants of this eg. Killian, Killeen, Killen, Killoon etc. Kilian with a single 'l' is the German spelling. We were nobles in ancient Ireland before those Normans in 1172, those fighting Fitzgeralds under Strongbow, Hugh de Lacy and others, came and dispossessed us of our lands and castle. We were the Chieftains of Fingal, the Earls of Fingal and the Lords Killeen. This latter honor went to the Plunketts, but such is life. However the most illustrious forebear of our name knew nothing of this. He was born in the Dark Ages in 640 of noble parents.

... (more)


Ride The Wave Of Success in 2013 With Me

By neil6, published on Dec 31, 2012

I'm going to get you to see the world through my eyes. We're going on a pilgrimage to my spiritual home-Bondi Beach. This is one of the world's most iconic landmarks and if there's a more beautiful beach, anywhere, I'd like to see it. One kilometre of gently arced shoreline, surrounded by clean white sand (thanks to constant maintenance) and crystal clear water. It's slightly off-centre to the Pacific Ocean, meaning it has a protected north end. But don't take my word for it. The popular Bondi Rescue show is broadcast world-wide on the Nat Geo Adventure channel. It has so may moods. Nature... (more)

Tags: bondi beach, bondi rescue, body surfing, inspiration for 2013

Gun Control In Australia- Lessons From Port Arthur Massacre

By neil6, published on Dec 16, 2012

I watch the news of your national tragedy at Newtown and I personally think the ages of the victims makes this truly the most awful mass shooting I have ever seen. I appreciate it is still so raw, that perhaps I should let the dust settle before I even comment, but after seeing a sober report by an Australian academic on morning current affairs, I feel the content of his interview is worth sharing.

I begin by saying, that any comparison between the US, where the right to bear arms is enshrined in your Constitution, and my country Australia, is necessarily skewed. We have a different... (more)

Tags: port arthur massacre, martin bryant, australian gun control reform, mass shootings comparison

The Latest News On Climate Change

By neil6, published on Dec 8, 2012

It would seem most of us now accept the reality of climate change. In a recent Australian Government-funded research project, some 75% of those surveyed said they believed in climate change. We accept that the authorities have enough evidence to support their claims. But does that make them correct? Some two years ago at the UN's Copenhagen conference on climate change, thousands of poiticians and vested interest groups met to issue a warning, that unless we act now it would be too late :- oceans would rise with devastating consequences. Rather ironically, it was also estimated that the delegates... (more)

Tags: global warming, climate change, carbon emissions, uk meteorological data, carbon tax

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