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The Folly of the Green Concert

By myracleworks, published on Jul 25, 2007

Recently the world was enlightened to the plight of the warming planet and the global conundrum that is the doom of all living creatures. Geniusly, it was thought of expand the reach and awareness of the impending global catastrophe by holding multiple, multi-thousand person concerts with today's big names, to shed light on the crisis and bring people together to create a new awareness. See, that's PR jargon for "make money". The reality of the situation is that the Live Earth concert, transmitted worldwide on television and radio, both terrestrial and satellite, is not going to result in a... (more)

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Oh That Britney

By myracleworks, published on May 4, 2007

One can suppose that we're all subjected to that sick dream of dreams; how it's not our world, we're just living in it. Well this must be what it feels like to live in Britney's world as she mounts her "comeback" tour in California. Mickey Mouse met a former Clubhouse member on Wednesday night, as Britney Spears took the House of Blues stage at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, to show the world, supposedly, how in shape and ready to play she is. The average concert goer was met with a phalanx of Disney security, HOB Security, Anaheim Police, and every single type of media you can think of, from... (more)

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