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?Stromae - Turning life into music!

By MunichGlobe, published on Mar 1, 2014

He is not just the figurehead of European hip hop and electronic music, but also an icon that especially young people seem to identify with. With socks pulled up to his knees, chequered shorts and a smirky grin on his face, he may remind you of a nerdy school kid, rather than a serious musician or even an artist! His song titles may seem pointless and his dance moves smell a bit like the early 2000s, but it's on stage where it all comes together. The freaky appearance, songs like "Alors on dance" and the robo moves are all it takes to excite thousands of fans all across Europe. However, don't... (more)


Marry Barra: Detroit's first lady

By MunichGlobe, published on Dec 11, 2013

GM announced today that Mary Barra, the company’s current executive vice president of global product development and purchasing will replace Dan Akerson as CEO on January 15 2014. Mr Akerson had already announced his retirement a few months back, after his wife was recently diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer. “Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and I need to spend all my time with my wife fighting this disease,” he said in a statement. The change is part of the company’s recent management shuffle that included the appointment of former Cummins Inc executive Theodore Solso as board... (more)


Detroit: Decline, shutdown and a green future!

By MunichGlobe, published on Dec 6, 2013

The past decade can certainly be described as Detroit's worst nightmare, the city went through home foreclosures, a shrinking population an increasing crime rate and a very personal matter. The collapse of the american auto industry! While General Motors was eventually saved by the U.S. Government and Ford managed to get away with a black eye, Chrysler wasn't so lucky! The brand was practically bought by multinational automaker FIAT. The Italian auto-giant is now the majority shareholder and therefore eligible to make crucial decisions, concerning the brand's marketing strategy and model lineup.... (more)


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