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Crossing En Garde

By m.moore, published on Apr 5, 2007

I like to guess. I enjoy being faced with a problem in which I have multiple options in route to a possible solution. I find the whole process of chance terribly exciting, and exhilarating to some extent. Retrieve a quarter from your pocket, place your hands behind your back, and request me to deduce which hand possesses the said currency. I assure you I’ll be more than delighted to entreat your quandary with an answer. It’s like a multiple choice math test; you don’t know the answer…but you might. Most guessing games are enthralling: ‘guess which hand its in’, ‘how much do I weigh’,... (more)

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The Lack of Movement - movement

By m.moore, published on Oct 19, 2006

He was slow. He was stocky. He was hilarious. He was the fat kid. Growing up, you knew him too. He was in every community, in every genre of the schoolyard hierarchy from tunnel-slide roughian to the double-dog-dare-girl kisser. The fat kid traversed time appearing in your grandfather’s one room school house yarns, bell-bottomed clad tales of your mother’s prom, and even sitting shotgun in your older brother’s Z28 drag racing stories. The fat kid is as universal as laughter, and as soothing as love itself, but there is an epidemic troubling today’s youth that could possibly remove... (more)


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