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Credit Profiling: Just Another Way Of Being Watched

By Michelle Yang, published on Jul 21, 2009

I received a letter in the mail one day stating that my Bank of America Business card was being closed with no explanation whatsoever. I called them to find out the reason and they told me, due to my ‘inactivity’ they had the right to close it down. The woman also questioned me about some dental charge made months ago stating that seemed to be an inappropriate charge on a business card, making me feel as if I was using my card wrongfully. In addition, I did not get a heads up letter as to what was going to take place, nor did they try to offer transferring my points to my other Bank of America... (more)

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I Would Be A Procrastinator But I Keep Putting It Off

By Michelle Yang, published on Jan 12, 2009

I just started my second personal project. It’s an idea that I thought about doing years ago, of course, and I am just now getting around to it. While I’ve been working on it for the past 2 weeks and feel very passionate about it, I’ve also come across many mental roadblocks. I start it, I pause, then I pause some more until eventually I realized I am just now procrastinating. In my heady way, I’ve been trying to understand why I keep putting this project off. I started to read blogs about why other writers do this. In doing so I have finally come to a point in seeing how procrastination can... (more)

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Paulson Bailout: Didn't You Already Get Your Mulligan

By Michelle Yang, published on Sep 27, 2008

Have we not learned anything from the S&L debacle 20 years ago in which taxpayers had to assume all the bad debt through the Resolution Trust Corp? Instead of the FDIC playing the role of enabler by guaranteeing deposits and encouraging growth in the commercial and industrial development markets of the 1980’s, we had banks lending far more money against U.S. residential property than historical norms and prudence required.

This proposed solution is the most expensive bailout in the nation’s history, completely curtailing the ability of the next president... (more)

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Sex: Catching Feelings

By Michelle Yang, published on Jun 15, 2008

If I have to hear another one of my girlfriends ask me “Why hasn’t he called yet?” I am literally going to rip my head off so I will not have to acknowledge or comment on such a mindless matter. My first response to this question is always “Well, why did you have sex with him?” If the reason isn’t just simply “because I was horny” then I can’t go on with the conversation anymore. Do NOT have sex with someone if you have underlying motives and unrealistic expectations, it’s just not going to do you any good.

Men have sex because it feels good – simple as that. They don’t do it because... (more)

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3rd Annual Tables Of Ten: Dining For A Cause

By Michelle Yang, published on Jun 6, 2008

On May 30, 2008, The Avenues of Art & Design in conjunction with Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, CA hosted Tables of Ten: Dining for a Cause, a dynamic culinary arts and design event. Gathering for one special night, these world-renowned designers, showrooms, restaurateurs and chefs united to create a unique dining experience where guests will enjoy gourmet dinners prepared by some of California’s most talented chefs.

I was greeted by Jamie Adler and Stacie Hunt, both Director of Events, who kindly gave me a tour of the pre-dinner preparation. The energy was palpable as... (more)

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