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Tips for Effective Academic Research

By Michelle Goszko, published on Jun 13, 2016

However, it is very important from the prospect of students to consider the factor of effective academic research for the reason that this is the only way through which they can achieve the academic success. In addition, some of the most important tips for academic research are discussed below:

Students must plan their Research Schedule

Pick something to examine/expound on that you are energetically keen on. I find that the majority of my research and composing tends to spring from needing to find out more or see more around a specific phenomenon that interests me. In... (more)


Ways to Gather Information for Literature Review

By Michelle Goszko, published on Jun 9, 2016

Clarify needs of your professors

Some of the professors might ask you to perform literature review as well as not get particular than that, in due consideration precisely identifying the requirements of the first step while writing dissertation. The main aspects to know before writing are listed below;

·Number of sources required to be included, specific number of participants to involves and their impacts on the research findings

·You are needed to present either views of selected research sources or require rephrasing the previously accustomed information

... (more)


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