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How Can You Get Hot Job By Selecting Splunk Career?

By Michael Warne, published on Jun 13, 2017

The exponential growth in the machine generated data has left businesses looking out for ways to extract sensible information from that heap. With the trend favoring the Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) revolution, there’s a huge gathering of data among businesses. If not processed, this data is like any other waste produced in industries. After processing, this can actually provide stuff that can help businesses in several ways. Data gathered this way is unstructured, a treasure trove of information, and has the potential to give businesses a rapid boost.

In general, businesses... (more)


Know Benefits of Cisco CCNP Training Certification

By Michael Warne, published on Dec 28, 2016

CCNP course for Cisco Certified Network Professional certification covers comprehensive networking skills and concepts, from network applications and protocols to services provided to the applications by the lower layers of network. The CCNP certification course opens up a plethora of career opportunities for network professionals.

CISCO shortlists candidates for the certification program on the basis of a 90-minute written test. It does not provide any advanced training programs for this course, but one can find several private institutes that provide CCNP courses . Also CCNP Routing... (more)


CEH Certification Programmes: An Outlook

By Michael Warne, published on Sep 15, 2015

Our data, which we might have put on social networking sites or on our systems, is liable to be misused by certain factions. The pertinent question is whether there is a way via which we can put a stop to this malice? Well there is indeed a solution to this problem, which in its very nature is malignant. Ethical Hackers can provide a respite in this regard, for they have the ability to bypass security and look for apparent chinks in the armour of your computer security which can potentially be exploited by the hackers. So if you do plan to join the legion of Ethical Hackers in this quest of... (more)

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