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Career Daters

By Mia D., published on Dec 28, 2009

Depending on how you look at it, the personal computer could be one of the greatest dating devices around, as long as you are interested in dating for sport only. However, if you are actually searching for something deeper, a companion, life partner or perhaps a spouse, internet dating could quickly become your Achilles' heel once you have encountered the Career Dater.

The Career Dater (CD) is the most deceptive of all daters because they actually go into the experience with an objective; they want to find someone to pursue a relationship with. However, somewhere along the way, they... (more)

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Latino in America?

By Mia D., published on Dec 4, 2009

After viewing the widely publicized CNN Special “Latino in America” I have to admit that I was quite underwhelmed by the whole undertaking. Rather than discussing issues pertinent to any growing community in this country, such as political influence and economical power, the two-hour special focused on a handful of stories that were not an accurate representation of the Latino community as a whole, and left viewers with no message of hope or empowerment.

As Ms. Soledad O’Brien reports, by the year 2050 the Latino population will nearly triple what it is today. We are all familiar with... (more)


I :( LA

By Mia D., published on Oct 18, 2009

Streams of consciousness infuse our souls

Moments of clarity about all we don't know

Yet the Kool-Aid is served and we all take a drink

The elixir that slowly transforms... (more)

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