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Not a Lonely Planet Anymore: 5 Tips on Circumnavigating the long tour

By Mercy redeems, published on Nov 9, 2016

Long-term travel is probably on top of anyone's bucket list. Nonetheless, for most people, this becomes a wish list only - after all, who can afford to put their lives on hold for a long time just to travel? A few decades ago, I would say not a lot. But with today's budget deals on air fares, hotels, and even adventures, my answer has changed to "anyone who puts their mind to it". Planning is the hard part, but with this easy-follow guide, you can be out the door in no time and hit the road to wherever you want to go. If you're now pumped to travel, what do you do next? Check this wonderful... (more)

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How one can benefit by playing online Games

By Mercy redeems, published on Sep 27, 2016

With the availability and expansion of the internet, playing games online is increasingly becoming famous. The quick internet connection brings a lot of benefits to people as they get entertained when playing. But should you play games online? Well, with the availability of the media and the expansion of the gaming platforms online games have now become very important.

Benefits of playing games online

According to studies, online games can improve decision making, cognitive flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Despite the popular belief, online games are not only inclusive... (more)

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Take Your Online Shopping Experience to the Next Level

By Mercy redeems, published on Aug 22, 2016

Thanks to the existence of the internet, shopping is made easier than ever before. In just a few clicks, you will be able to add anything and everything that you want and need to your virtual shopping cart. Once you made the payment, your items can then be shipped directly to your doorstep. However, before you even proceed to hitting that checkout button, did you know that you can save a fortune if you use some discount coupons?

Well, these are not real coupons. When you speak of online coupons, these are basically a string of texts that will serve as your discount code. For you to claim... (more)

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Know why you need a shared hosting for your Business

By Mercy redeems, published on Jul 30, 2016

A hosting is a perfect way to keep your website running 24/7, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. However, you can share the hosting with other people to pay a fraction of what you normally would pay. If you are not totally convinced yet, in this article we are going to give you solid reasons on why you should do it.

If you’re not familiar about that a shared hosting it is, it’s basically a hosting service where plenty of websites are hosted on a single server, unlike a dedicated server that only hosts one website.

It means that you will be sharing the bandwidth, database... (more)

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Squeeze your company’s Performance with SEO and PPC.

By Mercy redeems, published on Jul 25, 2016

How many of us are just waiting and putting all the endeavors in the table in order to make our business succeed? The 95% of us I think. Having a business is tough, don’t listen to those who says that it’s easy, because is not, a business need plenty of efforts, sacrifice, and hard work to make it a profitable business. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools which will help us to achieve that ‘successful’ status we always wanted, among those tools are SEO and PPC.

For you guys that are starting in the online businesses, this is the most important thing to be applied (and also for those... (more)

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5 Things To add in your Resume to Stand Out

By Mercy redeems, published on Jul 19, 2016

One of the most common concerns from graduates when it comes to creating their resume, is that they think that they don’t have enough to put on it to prove their worth. More often than not, graduates have very little in the way or work experience and other skills, so it can be really difficult knowing how to make a great resume, without it looking incredibly empty.

However, there are tons of things that you can do in your spare time, or during the holidays that will help your resume stand out from all the other graduates’ resumes. Whether it’s spending time with the school newspaper,... (more)

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