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VHP Security Paper : when technology meets art

By Megan Morris, published on Mar 15, 2018

In the new shed of light, the interesting industrial riddle of combining the ancient art of making paper with the world’s most advanced anti-forgery technologies.

In the 9th century, the clever Chinese realized that banknotes might be a more convenient way to transfer wealth that heavy bags of gold and silver, giving birth to banknotes, an item still used a millennium and a half later. Before that, coins had been primarily used (made of copper, as many are still today), and leather before that. With deflation, which soared to high levels, in China and elsewhere at times in history,... (more)

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Mid-range calibers: filling the efficiency gap

By Megan Morris, published on Jan 29, 2018

Armament industries in the world have always faced a difficulty: both light infantry weapons and heavy-duty fire power is easily available for anyone with the funds, but how does one fill the gap in the middle? Intermediate vehicles and weapons have always been caught in the middle, with too little firepower to face the big guns, and too much girth to address small and nimble fighting units.

Light vehicles, such as HMMWV (which stretch their own category with their upgraded armor versions), Land rovers, militarized civilian-based SUVs, etc. form the first level of military vehicular... (more)

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Architecture: concrete goes sky high

By Megan Morris, published on Jul 8, 2017

With environmental concerns on the rise in the entire western world, one would easily think that concrete, with its industrial and modern image, is on the way out. In fact, concrete is continuing to grow throughout the world, with the unabated love of urban planners and architects.

Concrete is the perfect mix of vintage and modern. It has been in use for many millennia, under various forms, though its use was limited until new technological breakthroughs in the 18th centuries, when its market share started growing, a growth which is still ongoing today. It contemplates many a competitor... (more)

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EU Commission wants to ban cash

By Megan Morris, published on Apr 18, 2017

After eradicating the Euro 500 note, this new charge towards the utopian dream of a cashless society is not well received across Europe where citizens are fearing for their basic rights and for their savings.

Does being allowed to pay in cash constitute a fundamental right? The question is today being asked all across Europe. Technically, no article of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights makes payments in cash a right for European citizens. However, when looking at the reasons brought up by the EU to push for a cashless society, ‘anonymity’ is often mentioned.

For the... (more)

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The devil's deal of the cashless society

By Megan Morris, published on Feb 7, 2017

Resorting sometimes to de facto deletions, or sometimes to soft selling, one thing always remains : it is always sold as being "in the public's interest". Too good to be true? Examples of double-edged technologies are numerous in our times. Two examples shed insightful light on the crossroads we are at today : nuclear power and genetic engineering. Both have indeed brought humanity on the road to great progress, but at the cost of high risks, which some consider unacceptable enough to give up on the benefits altogether.

Nuclear power didn't enter the world in favorable light. Though... (more)

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Industrial Cooperation : way to win International tenders

By Megan Morris, published on Nov 6, 2015

Military equipment research and development programs are extremely long, costly and risky, so countries have to specialize in certain components and look elsewhere for the rest. International tenders have become the norm, but for certain programs that costs billions, returning some of the nations’ investments back home is crucial. The solution is clear – industrial cooperation is necessary.

There is no country in the world that wouldn’t like to see its local industries benefit from large state investments. Historically, it’s been hard to do so in the defense industry. Armament manufacturers... (more)

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