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An Ode To LSD

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Nov 23, 2010

you've always been my favorite.

when I let you, you thought for me.

my imagination grew because of you.

you made me see with clear vision.

mirrors were fun to look at.

paintings came to life and,

became a reality.

colors, brighter.

everything made sense,

under a microscope.

and broaden through a telescope.

you, an enemy to the weak.

made them feel invincible.

but a cheap thrill it was.

you were a friend,

but I controlled you,

my altered twin.

you fooled my perception,

oh,... (more)


Roger Waters At The St. Pete Times Forum

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Nov 18, 2010

November 16, 2010

I arrived at the St. Pete Times Forum at 7pm sharp. The company I currently work for is in charge of the parking facility for any event at the Forum. So I was able to park for free. I even had a special spot reserved for my attending. It was like receiving V.I.P. treatment. I mixed in with crowd of anticipating Pink Floyd fans as we walked to our destination, and gathered inside with the masses. I bought several souvenirs and proceeded into the arena. My seat was section 102, row J, seat 16. I had a clear view of the stage to my right. The stage had a partial wall set-up... (more)

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The Rejection(s)

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Jan 28, 2009

Most of this is true, whether you believe it or not. The person's name in this story has been changed to protectits guiltiness. If you do your research you'll know who I'm in reference to. This person is the maverick Editor in Chief of three of the biggest magazines mentioned below. Enjoy.

It had been raining most of the morning in Los Angeles when I decided to drive to my post office to check my mail. I had no major addenda on this gloomy Friday, except write and I was taking a break from that.I took my time getting there because as we all fellow Americans know most of you cannot drive... (more)

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The Day The Gym Stood Still

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Jan 20, 2009

On this particular day I went to the gym like any other day. As I was preparing for my daily workout grind, a television was being set-up in the corner where the tread-mills are stationed. I made no big deal about it, I carried on. I knew what was happening but I didn't let it ruin my focus. Part of me was curious as I would glance over to the corner to check out what was about to become history in the making.

The gym was quiet in the early part of the morning and not a lot of people showed up yet. The main reason for this is because of the Barack Obama Inauguration.

By the start... (more)

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They Conquered The Los Angeles Forum

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Dec 12, 2008

“In the beginning Back in nineteen fifty-fiveMan didn't know about a rock 'n' roll showAnd all that jive...”

Along came 1973 and changed all that for a life-long journey through time and history. I was at those two shows on December 6Th/8Th at the Los Angeles Forum. I had to make up for lost times, and got my moneys’ worth.

Saturday, December 6th show, I was seated way off to the side of the stage, Malcolm’s side, and didn’t know what was happening to the front of me. I still had a good view of the band playing except I couldn't see Phil Rudd. It didn’t matter. I was finally here... (more)

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A Drummer's Experience

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Nov 13, 2008

John 'Mitch' Mitchell, made famous by playing the drums for The Jimi Hendrix Experience died in the early morning hours of November 12, 2008 in his room at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland. Apparently he died of a natural cause and an autopsy is planned.

Mitch Mitchell, born on July 9, 1947 in Middlesex, England. (Same as Keith Moon) He joined on with Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding on October of 1966, and the trio became known as The Jimi Hendrix Experience. He was only 19 years old at the time. Mitch Mitchell came from a jazz background and his influences were Elvin Jones, Max... (more)

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Snow On The Grass (part 1)

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Oct 15, 2008

I was always intrigued about the life-style of fast money and wild women that go hand in hand with the Mob or underworld activities. I think maybe in my past life I was a made man in some fashion. Till this day I don't mind knowing what it's like to be involved in something like that, but I don't have the guts to do it. If Al Capone was alive you can bet that I would track him down and get a good write-up about his life story. Unfortunately, Snorky is not around but someone else is.

The stars were aligned in a certain way that I made a connection with a key figure in the cocaine empire.... (more)

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The Perfect Punch

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Sep 24, 2008

Today at the gym I sparred with my trainer Charles 'Chillie' Wilson. It has been about a month since the last time and I sparred four good rounds with him. I was a little rusty but I thought I did alright, not one of my best days but it was a good work-out and I worked up my usual good sweat.I remember a moment when 'Chillie' was against the ropes and I was punching trying to create an opening and out of nowhere he threw a short, sharp clean left hook that got me flush on the ear. When the punch landed it made a sound like a 'Pop' and it stunned me more than it hurt. I took the punch like a... (more)

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Rock On!

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Sep 14, 2008

Rock On is right! Believe it or not I do know several people in high and low places, and where The President qualifies under? Hell, I don't know. I partied like a rock star with W. Bush a few times and he really is a nice guy to hang out with and when he has a few beers in him, the ultimate wild man is released. When it comes to running the United States... I'll just keep my mouth shut because you already know the answer to that. But I'll open it just this once and then I'm off politics until something else inspires me.

W. called me the other day on one of his leisure time off from... (more)

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Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Sep 14, 2008

On September 2nd, Brian Wilson's new album was released and was having a signing at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. I couldn't miss the opportunity to meet a musical legend from the glory days of Rock & Roll. This was my first time going to a signing that I can remember, and I thought there was going to be a huge line wrapped around the building. I was impressed how the folks at Amoeba Records handled this event. They held the line inside the store and it was zig-zagging through each isle of the west side of the building. The staff was really nice and professional and you had to purchase the... (more)

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