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How to Monitor your Residential Real Estate Market

By Mazhar Aziz, published on Feb 2, 2017

As a person ponders a commitment to buying or selling a home, he or she will likely want to learn a little bit about activity in the local market. The postings in this blog are intended to assist the prospective buyer or seller by providing such information.

While the data reported in these blogs are not intended to predict future market activity, there are a number of factors related to the listing and sale of homes which can be used to discern patterns of past activity which might be informative.

The factors which we monitor and the related measures used are described below.

... (more)

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Market Activity in Residential Real Estate for North Stoning

By Mazhar Aziz, published on Feb 2, 2017

In summary, 33 homes were listed for sale in North Stonington by local Realtors as of January 3rd. This is 9 fewer than the 42 that had been actively listed on December 1st. Of these 33 properties, 29 were also actively listed as of December 1st, and 19 had also been actively listed three months ago on October 1st. There were 5 homes under deposit on January 3rd. There were 7 closings and 2 new listings added to the CTMLS listings in December for North Stonington.

The average size for the 33 homes actively listed on January 3rd is a little over 1875 square feet with the range going... (more)

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Don’t Just Jump Into The Real Estate Market Without Strategy

By Mazhar Aziz, published on Jul 6, 2016

Before entering into the real estate Rhode Island market many customers get confused that either they should wait and save up a handsome down payment or just take a risk by entering into the market. This sort of things can work sometime but sometime it does not work. It does not work in a sense that how can you wait for some more time as you are paying the rent as well as you have some money in hand to enter in the real estate market. At the same time, the prices are of houses are also increasing and interest rate could also rise up. These things can leave you far behind in buying your own... (more)

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What to Expect Before Your Mandarin Tuition in Richmond

By Mazhar Aziz, published on Jun 17, 2016

Whenever you will make your mind to start learning Mandarin language at the same time you will hear someone making a comment that it is a very difficult task and it is altogether hard to learn it. But you so not need to worry ass learning anything for the first time is bit difficult but it is not impossible to learn. Everything in the world has its easy and difficult features. Learning Mandarin is not at all a daunting task it just needs your devotion and willingness to preserve it.

Enrolling you to learn Mandarin for the first time in Mandarin tuition Richmond might be a scary task... (more)

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Help! Where Should I Get Maths Tutor London?

By Mazhar Aziz, published on Jun 16, 2016

The revolutionized education system is forcing the students to crave for more marks and grades. There is an intense competition among the students and this fierce competition to do better than others is making them more conscious. There is a common perception that the one, who will score more, will have more opportunities for future. This scenario is forcing the students to focus more on marks. Private tuition for the subjects like math is a way for students to improve their grades. If you are the one who is also the part of this fierce competition and want to get the services of proficient... (more)

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